Sharing the Gospel even while running to send emails!

Sep 20 at 10:06 PM

Dearest Mother and Father,

I am pleased to hear from you this week! I have thought a lot about ya’ll and was excited to hear about everything that has happened this past week.  I was so excited that I made everyone run to our emailing location, haha.  The Lord blessed us though because while we were running and almost to our location, suddenly this guy comes running out of a building saying, “Hey, hey, are you LDS?  Are you Mormon!?”  Ha, I put the brakes on and screeched to a halt and chatted for a moment.  He wanted to know where our church was!  Funny the way the Lord works sometimes! 🙂

IMG_2570  IMG_2534

Sounds like your week went well! And dang the pictures are amazing! Is that SNOW I see on the mountains??  AHH,  I might die without it!  I am STOKED Kenzie got my package. Was it all intact? Was that alright to send for the primary kids?  Kaden looked real good; ready to go! 🙂 That flight sounded a lot shorter than the one here, ha.  That must have been nice. That is great Kate gets to come fetch Mavers! 🙂  The haze is still…here, ha.  Does the sun still exist!?  I have not seen stars for about 7 months now so I bet camping was amazing!  It looked really fun we need to do more of that as a fam!

IMG_2536  IMG_2537

Lock down was fine.  We kinda just go crazy being cooped up in the 4 walls of the flat all day. But, ya know, I laced up my kicks and made my companion go for a jog around the car lot, ha!  I had to do something!  It only lasted one day which was nice!

IMG_2535  IMG_2540

Last P-day we got to play futbol again.  It was fun and so funny because they thought I was good.  I have not played for years!  That stuff about the air planes that you were talking about from your meetings was cool! Not boring at all!

IMG_2541  IMG_2542

Ha, yesterday I was reading my Patriarchal Blessing for personal study.  I didn’t mean for it to take the whole hour but I just got caught up I guess.  There is so much I want to know!!

IMG_2563  IMG_2573

Then we got on the topic in companion study and that lead to some scriptures and a discussion about American history and the 10 tribes and on and on.  Man, I just want to know everything.  I really wish I would have paid attention in school!  I just wish I had grandpa there to explain and chat!

IMG_2567  IMG_2566

Ha, I have been able to talk with some people in Malay and been able to understand a little.  It is kind of fun!  I still have so far to go! Saya tidak tahu!

I think ya’ll are the best ever!  Have a GREAT WEEK!! I love ya!

Love Sister Koford! 🙂


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