Crazy Sunday

Sep 27 at 10:06 PM

Hey guys,

Sounds like lots of fun things happened there for y’all. That is great. Wow, looking through the pictures I didn’t realize it was fall. The leaves are gorgeous!  And Jac is really workin’ it in those pics! haha #selfieerrday!

IMG_2594  IMG_2598

Yes, the haze is real bad!  It got better for a day or two but then nick minute it was back! I got a few letters from Singapore from you guys! They really make my day every time.

Thanks for the info on blessings and stuff.  I just wish I had more time to study and learn, ha.  But, that isn’t what I am here to do, ya know!  Family history is something I think I might like to learn about though!  After reading about your conversion story, Dad, it made me wonder how and why Grandpa and Grandma Koford joined!  Has Josh’s sister got her call yet?  I was stoked to read that she is going. That’s sick.  She is going to love it!

IMG_2597  IMG_2590

This week seemed to be really great during the week. We were busy all day most days which I really like!!  We were able to get in with a couple members which really makes it nice when they have us over!  We met with an investigator from Bangladesh.  He is such a good guy.  Just wants the best for everyone.  And he is a Christian which is rare coming from there.  We also met with a potential who we met at the bus stop a while ago.  Ha, it’s kind of funny when we decide to meet at a public place and we are waiting there for them but don’t remember what they look like at all so we are just smiling real big and pretending you know everyone until the person comes and finds us, haha.  That was an interesting lesson.  She was like, “I brought my friend”.  “I want him to learn Christian”.  I look at him and go, “You’re from Bangladesh aren’t you”!  He’s all, “Yes”.  I’m like, “Your Muslim aren’t you”!  He’s all, “Yes”.  Sister Kershy and I look at each other and then it’s like we just read each other’s mind.  She started talking to him in Malay to distract him and I took the chance to teach her a little bit, haha.  It was so funny.

IMG_2605  IMG_2606  IMG_2587

We started meeting with our Indian family of kids again to see if they are going to progress.  I am still not sure about that whole situation.  It’s a hard one. We went and saw Parkium, the coconut lady. We found out she actually speaks Bahasa!! Woop, woop!  I think we will try and teach her in Bahasa!  We’ll see if we can’t get her progressing.  That same day we had a miracle.  I thought we could just drop by a former’s spa.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t there but her worker was there and she might be interested, yay!

IMG_2585  IMG_2601

We had the craziest Sunday.  Well, crazier than the past little bit. The morning was normal. We weren’t planning on anyone coming to Church because everyone said they couldn’t make it or had not confirmed with us. Then one of our guards who came last week sms’d us and said he wanted to come again.  He only speaks Malay! :D…well, and Nepal ( I am going to Nepal one day!!!).  But he wanted us to meet him at KFC.  So we hurried and left to meet him there so we could walk to Church.  While we are walking, Peter called and said he really wanted to come. Even though he has work at ten, he felt like he needed to come to Church.  He wanted to know where to go; he was already on the LRT.  So, I told him to go to Taman Jaya and we could meet him there.  Well, Aniel took so long that Peter got there and we still had to walk to the Church so I called the elders to go fetch him at the stop!  They did and he was able to get there, whew.  Elder Woo of the 70 and President and Sister Simmons were speaking at Church.  During the meeting, I get a call from our investigator, Sunny, who wouldn’t confirm for Church.  He said he would come last week and never did.  He just kept calling so we left the meeting, answered his call and he said he was at Aisa Jaya LRT and wondered where we were.  He said, “You said you would meet me here”!  I was like, “Ya, before 9:00”.  “Church started an hour ago and there is 10 min left”!   I was like, “If you can come one more stop, I can run to the stop and get you and show you the way.  He was not very happy or accommodating.  We also couldn’t leave our other investigators.  Sacrament was almost over and he was pushy.  Finally, he agreed to go one more stop.  Peter had to go back to work so we walked him to the train and picked up Sunny.  We got there and he was the only investigator there so we just taught him.  The Elders and Brother Reuben sat in.  He made me look like the biggest idiot, haha.  I told him he could come to Church and ask more questions.  So he came and he was struggling with the three kingdoms.  He kept saying, “Well, she said this and where is hell fire and blah blah blah”, haha.  He kept going on about there can’t be three classes in heaven…etc.  Then President Simmons came over and introduced himself and was like, “Oh, so you’re investigating the Church?”  He goes, “No”.  I’m like, “Uhhh, haha, yeah you are”!!!  It was a real struggle!

IMG_2607  IMG_2584

This morning I was reading about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I focused on faith then got caught up on mercy and justice!  I like Alma 34:14-16.  Also, I really like john 7:17.  It’s a good reminder that you will not know anything unless you try!  I can’t wait to listen to Conference next week.  It’s going be great!  Wow, I only had three conferences on the mish and we are on #2! apa haul! Ha.

My companion is great.  She is such a sweetheart! Always full of good ideas and you know, keeping me on my toes!

I’ll let you go!  Dang, you know, there is just so much I want to say after getting your letters but I never have any time to write these days #sorrynotsorry!

Have a fantastic week!!! Saya Sayang Kamu!!!!!


Sister Koford 🙂


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