I really do love these people and this work!

Dear Mom and Dad,

IMG_6405The past week was So great! My goodness so many miracles! We had a good family home evening at Sister Sharon’s place. It was small but we read from the self-reliance book and with her being such a great self-reliance specialist, she had some good ideas. J. was able to come. She is one of the recent converts and man she just has such a light to her! 🙂 We visited with R. who is one of our investigators and it’s just a miracle that she has such a desire to learn, her husband has not been active for quite some time, but I love when she opens up to us. She just has such a sweet spirit. Also, one of the refugee families we were able to visit came to church…all of them came, ah such a miracle. Usually they don’t go out because they are afraid of being caught by the polis. But they came and they were so happy! We also went and visited with M. and saw her new baby! Oh my, so cute! I love her family so much!!!! We had a good chat and got to play with the two other kids for a second. It’s so funny. Each time we get ready to leave the kids just come grab my hand and sprint for their shoes, because they want to come. This last time though little C. realized after I said bye that we were leaving. She gave a big smile and wave and as soon as I got almost out the door she just got a big lip and started to cry! So I knelt down and she ran and wrapped her arms around me and just cried! Ah, it tore me apart! She would not let go.


I was able to go on one last exchange with Sister Morgan from Colorado! I went to PJ. It was great! She is just a great Sister! It’s so stressful trying to get to and from places, but thanks to Sister H., who by the way is an amazing member, she drove us so we were not late. She even got us some popiah for the drive! It was a miracle as stopped by one of our new investigator’s house because she would not answer our sms’s or calls. When we got there she was so excited to see us!! Her phone was stolen and she said she just prayed we would stop by. She had just gotten home too. She just lights up when we teach, haha. She is like, “I have to tell everyone about this. I am going to convert everyone in this house”! And she had her friend sit in on the lesson who wants to be baptized now! They were both just like, “This is the best thing ever”! Also this family we met became new investigators, 🙂


The recent converts we have are so good! They love following us and helping us teach. They had us over to say goodbye and cooked adobo. Lots of chicken head with brain and chicken feet, nom, nom, nom! Hahah, funny story. We set an appointment with this guy named K. a potential. Turns out when we called to confirm, we had contacted two Ks (same name) and set up two appointments in different places. It would have been fine but the one appointment showed up and kind of creepy. Oh, it was so funny when he came up the escalator. Sister Crandall and I’s jaws hit the floor like, “Oh no”! He also had a pack of about 5 Malay women behind him. It was like a bad Korean movie! Needless to say, we cut that one short. He could hardly speak English and tried hitting on Sister Hill!


Oh, last week my computer timed me out sorry! Haha, hope you did not stay up too long!
Where to even start! I also am trying to wrap my head around whatever this is! Honestly, it does not seem real. Maybe like I am just being transferred again. I want to thank you for everything. I can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you have shown to me through these last 18 months of my life. This whole “leaving thing” is actually more difficult than I thought. I really do love these people and this work. It is not over yet. It’s a life calling that we all have. It’s so funny. Everyone is asking me for advice.


This morning as I studied about our purpose here it was just reconfirmed how important this work is. It’s when I became invested when I involved my heart that things changed.
I am sorry I can’t even think right now just give me a little to gather my thoughts!
I am so humbled to think about how I feel and what I know about the gospel and about life in general now. I feel like I have learned so much and I just hope I can remember it. It also makes me think about just how much I don’t know still! I feel like I have an actual testimony now. I do know these things. I have seen it change the lives of others. It’s real. We do have a Creator. I love sharing that with others. There is a plan, and it’s perfect. It makes me so happy to know that our Savior came here so we cold repent. Repentance is an incredible thing; not something to be scared of. It’s simply changing to become more like our Savior. So we can return to our Maker one day and continue to progress. I am thankful for Joseph Smith and the courage he had to ask questions. How lucky are we to have the truth!


I want to thank you, Mom and Dad, for the love you have shown to me. Thank you for raising me in this Gospel and being patient with me in my journey to find for myself. I must have been one of the most difficult investigators! So sorry about that. Gosh, I just want you to know that I know it’s real! You two are amazing examples to me. Thank you, just thank you.

With love,
Sister Koford


Welcome to Singapore, Sister Hill!

IMG_6296Dear Keluarga,

So good to hear from you! Sounds like you had a good week at youth conference and with Jackalope! 🙂 Mmmh, you are going to be looking so good. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!!!, on Friday that is! I hope it is everything you dreamed of and more!

This past week was great! We flew to Singapore for three days to pick up our greenie and for MLC! First, picking up our greenie was good. Her name is Sister Hill from Sandy, UT. Super great girl. She loves reading and writing! Being in a trio is once again a party, mmh so good! And second, MLC was great! I am way sad it was my last one. That meeting is always the best. So spiritual. I made an idiot out of myself… let me tell you! Ha, we were going around introducing ourselves because there were a few new ones. Sister Crandall went right before me and I don’t remember what she said, but that combined with how tired I was, I just started laughing. You know, that laugh that you have no idea why but you just can’t stop. Yeah, it happened. Then it was my turn! So embarrassing. Singapore was great though. Love that place.


We didn’t get to spend too much time in our area so that was a bummer but still so many miracles, lah! We had a special District Conference because they got a new District Presidency. We had some investigators come; one of which has not come before. It felt like a whirl wind. I was able to chat with all the wonderful people from the other branches where I have served in addition to having new investigators there. And, we were supposed to teach right after!


I had some great studies this week! I read a talk by Elder Holland. It’s called Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence. Mmh, it’s so good! I also have been learning so much from Jacob, Jarom, and Enos! I love how each of them had such great faith! When people wanted to test them they remembered the revelation the had previously received and had kept their faith strong so they told them how it was. I learn so much from the way they teach as well. Something I rediscovered as I was going over some of my goals was my vision statement: Continue forward and not backward. It comes from D & C 128:22.


We had interviews with President and Sister Simmons Friday when we flew back. It was really great just to chat with each of them. They are so inspired. I am very grateful for all they do for us missionaries and the Church here! Speaking of interviews, talking with President Simmons was really good! I think he was like, “Times up”. But it’s like talking to a father, you know. I just wanted to chat, haha. He was asking such great questions and helping me so much. I was able to talk to him about was school. He had some good advice. The Lord has impeccable timing!

You are amazing! Love you so much.


Sister Koford

I Love Teaching!

IMG_6267This past week, wah! So many miracles!!!! 😁 I love this work so much!!!! We went on a couple of exchanges during the last of this transfer. I went with Sister Petersen, who’s Grandpa is in the 70, and Sister Roberts (the one from Idaho). Both great missionaries! Sister Roberts and I went and advertised at a pasar malam, which is just a night market. My shoulders are sore from holding the sign up. But we got some good pau and roti. Also the cutest little auntie gave us some water from her rojak stand. Such wonderful people here! We also went and did some recycling. One of our investigators goes every Friday so we went with her. It was pretty fun, but I swore if one more person tried converting me to be a vegetarian, I was gonna flip a table or two, haha. Speaking of being a non-vegetarian. I ate the most meat in months when the Reeds (a new family from Colorado) had us over with an investigator. They are VERY country or maybe it just seems like it since I have not seen one for a long as time. But anyways, they fed us roast and potatoes. I am not sure where they got the roast. Maybe they went to one of the Hindu temples and steal a cow, but they did it and it was amazing! Also, such a funny night. The investigator we took was really shy at church and then that night she just decided to open right up. It was kind of funny.


We have a member who has been amazing with giving us some referrals! Ah, it has just been so fun to teach them. They are all from the Philippines. We have taught A. a couple of times. She is a gem! As we have been teaching her, she has been open with us with her questions and as we have been able to answer she is just amazed that we have the answers. Like she was telling us the first time we taught her how she knows Christ was not just a great prophet. He is the Messiah. We are like, “Yeah, he is”! I read her the last paragraph of the intro to the Book of Mormon and she was amazed. Then, as we taught the Plan of Salvation, she had a question about a preparatory state after we die… we were able to answer that pretty quick!


Then miracle last night: We had an appointment with a lady I called the other day as we were calling potentials. She didn’t answer the first time but she called back and we set a time to meet with her. We finally found her flat last night and she was so happy to have us. As we taught the Restoration, her face was priceless! When I asked her if she would be baptized, she was dying, “Yes, I want this”. “I feel so good”! We got her a date and a return appt. I told her we wanted to meet a few times a week to keep her moving. This is something we have started doing and it actually works! But, I tell you what, I love teaching and seeing the light in people’s faces. There is no better feeling when people understand and desire. Ah, it’s hard to describe!


We are now working with the Pakistani family. I am way, way bummed that they had to turn back yesterday half way to church to grab some insulin for their child because he is diabetic. So, they won’t be able to be baptized until after I am gone. They have to make it to three Sundays in a row right before they are baptized. But then there is R. who is a sweet Indian lady and wife of a less active. And, we have some great less actives who are making progress! Man it was such a good week. And now I am freaking out because there is just so much on my little mind!

Ah, I just found out I am training! I’ll still be an STL and training, wahoo!! Wow, so much just happened! Oh yeah, M. had her baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahooooooo! I really tried to convince her to name it Lindsey!
I love you a lot!! 🙂
Lots of love
Sister Koford!!!! 🤘

Now, that doesn’t happen every day…

Dear Mom and Dad,


Happy Pioneer Day!! 💃🐴🐎🐂󾓦 From what it sounds and looks like, you all have had a good few days! Did someone get a new pool and tramp and moto? Also, I’m way stoked for Kenzie!! Spencer will do great! You will have to forward his letter I sent.


This week was very busy! We had three exchanges three days in a row. It is nice to be back with my companion but it’s always great to get to know the other Sisters as well! The first day I went with Sister Tu from Australia. We went to Melissa’s baby shower that night. We got her a white dress so she has a baby blessing dress! And a miracle was the Pakistani family showed up right as we were leaving. It was time to go home and change to the next exchange but we had a member there. So we pulled them into a room and taught them for a little bit. They are so great! The traffic is just so bad it takes three hours to get somewhere sometimes. Glad they made it though. They are doing so well keeping the word of wisdom. When we taught them again yesterday, the son had a school event so he could not come to church. So, he will have to be baptized a day after them because they have to come to church the three weeks before their date. Anyways, Sister Tu is great! Then the next day I went with Sister Toone. She is from Utah. We had a miracle while we were studying. The doorbell rang and it was this lady Sister Crandall and I taught when we first moved in! She was like, “Sisters, my phone broke and I lost all my contacts. Then I had to work so much and I moved and my grandbaby got sick so it has just been crazy. But, I want to learn and come to church still!” We were able to meet with her. She is great. She just needs to come to church and she can be baptized. She has learned everything already. Then the next day I went to PJ to go with Sister Morgan. She is from Alamosa, Colorado. She is such a great Sister! It is kinda fun to go back to my old areas and see some of those people. A miracle we had was that one of the less actives we met and taught told us he wants to come back to church! Nobody has been able to contact him for about two years.


M. has not had her baby yet. Her husband got hand, foot and mouth this past week so they were not able to make it to church. Maybe a baby this week though; she is due the 30.


Yesterday at church was nuts! Just a day filled with miracles. One Philippine Sister has been great with referrals! She brought her friend that wants to learn and after church took us to another friend’s birthday party. There were like 15 Philippine women and when we came in cameras came out.. haha. So many ugly pictures of me eating! I would look up and another one would have their phone out!


Five min before church started the 2nd councilor came up and was like, “We only have two speakers. Can you speak?”…… What to do? I said, “Sure”, thinking I would be like the last one after everyone had said what they wanted. After the song he announces I would be first..😱 haha. I was trying to gather my thoughts as I walked up there, but you know the room is not so big so it was a short lived thought. The cool thing was feeling the Spirit take over when I was stuck! I tried talking about how they are mostly all pioneers in the gospel of their family here and we are all pioneers to some extent in something. Then I talked about how sometimes being a pioneer we struggle and it is hard to press on and continue forward. But, we just need to carry on and read Alma 57:27 which talks about how Christ carried on through the Atonement for each of us and as we carry on through the hard times here we will be able to feel the love he has for us.


The rest of the week is kind of a blur. I guess I’m too tired, lah, ha. But we did have a miracle. Someone we contacted who didn’t want to learn, actually told her friend and the friend called us and we are teaching her now! Someone called us and wanted to learn! Now, that does not happen every day ladies and gentlemen.


Thank you and I love you!
Sister Koford


Mom and Dad,

Hope you had a good week! Sounds like you had a good Sabbath. I am sure Spencer did a good job. He is going to be a stellar missionary! I wrote a letter to him and have not been able to find stamps or a post so I don’t think he will be getting it before he leaves! Bummer.


For Sister Crandall and I this week, M. was baptized!!! 😂🎉✊ It was really good! We went to Penang on exchanges and ended up staying an extra night because of flight problems so we were only in our area for like three days which was hard! There is so much work to get done here!

The family we are teaching from Pakistan are doing well! They are so great! They are very excited to be baptized next month! So much humility there. He was showing us some of the scars and wounds he got from the Muslim people there beating him. So sad. They also feed us soo much food every time we go there. Ya’ll are awesome! Hope you have a good week! Love you long time.
Sister Koford

Let the Spirit guide.

Dear Mom and Dad,

GOSH It looked like a PARTY at the lake!  Tell Debbie Happy Birthday!!! 😘🎉

This past week was very busy. We saw a lot of miracles though! For the 4th of July we went to a park where the senior couples made some food and we played some futbol in the blazing hot sun.


Then, we went to visit a less active and his wife who is not a member. When we got there they were less than pleased we showed up, however, they still let us in. I really felt that we needed to tailor what we were doing there to him and not his wife like we planned on doing. We taught him how to use the footnotes in the Book of Mormon and how they can help with learning more from the Bible. By the time we left, his countenance had changed; it was cool to see. Then Zone Conference was this week. We had to switch the way we do it so we are more like the other missions in the world. It was held in PJ so it was just the KL Zone. It was good. We learned a lot more about finding better potentials as well as teaching people and not lessons. Then, the next day Sister Crandall and I were assigned to give some trainings at the 5 weeks training for all the new missionaries. We taught about how to begin teaching and teaching people not lessons. Now, the miracle is we didn’t have a ton of time to prepare and it was supposed to take some time. Literally, 5 minutes before we had to get up Heavenly Father answered my prayers and I found myself creating a whole new lesson as we sat there. Then as we got up and taught, I could feel the spirit guiding what I was saying. This happens sometimes in lessons but not so much when I teach like that. It was a neat experience. I think sometimes the Lord just waits until you don’t think you can before he gives you some inspiration.


That night we were able to go on exchanges with Sister Simmons. Man, I love her! It was almost like having a piece of home with me; like a mother, ya know. It was good to chat with her and get some advice from her. I don’t really know how to describe it. It was just nice. I wish I could be her companion every day. I took her with me to teach R. because she also speaks Spanish. Then the next day I went on exchanges with the Sisters in Singapore. One of them has been out for 2 weeks and she is great! She’s from Heber City. Very nice girl. It was really strange to be around someone that fresh from the states. There is just a different ere about them. Not sure how to explain it; nothing bad just very fresh. She was dry heaving when we went to visit one of our members at her flat. I guess the cockroaches and smell of feces just becomes the norm after a while. Then when the member made us some nice hot Milo, I thought she was going to lose her cookies 😂.


We had a miracle of some people actually showing up for English class on Saturday. And one of the members brought her sister who can’t speak any English. I thought the class was a flop but the sister bore her testimony of bringing her sister to English class and how it brought them closer together as sisters. Kind of cool. Then we had another miracle of a family from Pakistan who came to church and want to learn! So we are going to be teaching them. And President Woodford had us over for dinner yesterday with M. M. is going to be baptized on Saturday, that is, if her baby can hold off that long! Keeping my fingers crossed.


Hope you have a good week. Love you.
Sister Koford

Off to Singapore for MLC

Mom and Dad,


GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁😘󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦 I am very grateful for all the brave soldiers and those who protect my country.


This past week was pretty good. We went on exchanges with the Subang Sisters. They opened the area back up for sisters. I was able to visit with some of the members there. What amazing people. It was such a treat to be able to go back and try and show Sister Hampton around a little bit. She is whitewashing the area like I did. She is such a great missionary. She is also training at the same time. Not to mention she just finished training herself. I am very impressed with the way she works.


The next day we flew to Singapore for MLC. It was really good. I love hearing the testimonies of the leaders in that room. I was able to have a good chat with Elder Riddle. He is struggling with Sister Roberts and I dying, haha. He just feels that there is nobody left. I had to say, “Buddy, welcome to my life”. Everyone will always leave. That is just how it goes. All you can do is keep going. We had a good chat.


As far as investigators goes, M. is doing really well. When we went to her flat this week, they fed us dinner; pizza and durian. It was SO good. I had probably half a durian! 🙂 Then, to make it even better, she told us her only goal is to be sealed in the temple! She should be getting baptized this next week if her husband can get off work. We are racing against her baby getting here. Hope it can hold off! R. is doing alright. He is so perfect but so not at the same time. He has great questions. But he just needs a spiritual experience to confirm something. Ah, it drives me insane some days. He Can Do It!!! I know he can!!! We got a few new investigators this week. To be honest I can’t remember what happened this week. It was too long ago, ha!


This morning I studied about the gospel of Jesus Christ. That was really awesome. I am very grateful the Lord has given us a way to return to him. I am very thankful for the Book of Mormon and the answers it provides. I have studied a bit on faith lately. And I can say you probably don’t know something until your faith on it is tested. Faith is one that there is just so much to it I could study for days. I am grateful for the Gospel and a Savior who lives. I am grateful for the knowledge I have of my Father in Heaven. So interesting to learn so much.


Have a good week! Love you!!!
S. Koford

Teaching & surviving the heat

Dear Keluarga,

Mom, I knew you would do great on your talk!  We have a new family that moved into the Branch from Colorado.  He is the first person I have seen in cowboy boots here.  It was refreshing.  I forgot what an American accent sounds like, wowzers!


We have not met with the new missionaries yet.  That is the downside about covering both countries; you don’t get to pick them up from the airport.  But such is life.  MLC is this week again so I will be flying to Singapore.  We went to the aquarium this last Monday.  It was pretty cool.  I have never been to one with a tunnel the fish fly over you.  The Branch President took us to dinner with the family from Colorado.  I guess the father (the one with cowboy boots) is not much of a city boy so President drove us way into the hills and took us on an adventure to this Thai restaurant where they grow the fish and all the food it.  It was so fun!  We were in his van on this dirt road and he’s like, “You better be ready to get out and help push up this hill”.  It was the most adventure I have had here in KL.


Our investigator from Mexico, oh my, I just love him so much.  Last Monday he wanted to drop us.  He was like, “I just don’t know if it is my time.  I stopped praying because I was not getting anything and I am just not sure”.  But he said he would do his part this week and read and pray and then make a decision.


We visited with a few members this week and there is just such a drastic difference between the expats and the locals!  I was able to learn more about some of the locals and their stories.  Oh my, some of them have quite the rough past.  They are such troopers.  The women in the Branch are examples to me.  It is amazing what our decisions do to our future.  I learned from those experiences as well as my studies that having an eternal perspective is how we can ensure our decisions will be better.  So often the decisions we make don’t have that perspective.


Our investigator from Sarawak, came to church again yesterday.  Oh my, I love them so much too!  My little friend was pretty attached yesterday.  We do so much traveling here, but you know, I’ll do it because there is no other way!  I cant wait to drive.  We visited with one of the members.  She is a single lady who watches a boy for her work.  I love her so much.  It’s crazy to see the diversity around here.


I have been reading Jesus the Christ again and, oh my gosh, I love that book!  I cannot believe how incredibly unjust the judges of the Sanhedrin were with Jesus. They went against every law that ever existed.  Christ was so dignified throughout the whole thing!

The heat might kill me!  Its getting harder and harder.  Have yourselves a good week!  Love you!!
Sister Koford

Searching and Teaching

Dear Mom and Dad,

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😅😘😉😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😀🙊😎😁🤓😎😎🎉🎊❤❤❤ Dad I just want you to know how much I love you and how amazing of a father you are. I LOVE YOU!!!! ❤


This week was kind of a struggle to be honest. Not that it was horrible because we did have some ups. Maybe I just noticed the downs more, I am not sure. There is always something to be learned I suppose. We had a couple good lessons. The lesson with our investigator from Mexico was great. Oh my gosh, I don’t think I have really wanted the gospel so much for someone. I feel like we can relate; maybe that’s why.

It has rained so much. Yesterday I felt like a wet cat all day; just going from place to place all wet. We finally got two students to show up to English class! Except when we were about to start teaching, the lights in the church went out. We ended up teaching outside until it got too dark to see.

We traveled a little bit this week trying to visit and find less actives and some refugees. The only issue with that is when you travel it takes like 2-3 hours to get to them so it takes all day. President Simmons said we can’t go out there anymore unless a member drives us. That will be a trial because we have about 20 people that come to church and only 3 have cars. So it will be a new challenge finding new people to teach around the church area. The lady we are teaching from Sarawak in Bahasa came to church with her whole family. Her little girl just loves me. It is so funny! I walk in and she screams and goes ba!! Her little mumble is so cute. She grabs my hand and we are just best of friends.

This week I had some good studies on humility. The Be Thou Humble talk from this past conference is great! I also learned again how keeping an eternal perspective on things will really help when making decisions. If you just understand there is so much more than just now or just today or just this life, decisions will get better and outcomes will, in the end, be the best. I studied about faith and hope. Those two just go hand in hand. To reach the highest degree of faith you can get, all you have to do is keep the covenants you have made. I remember my baptismal covenants, and I can’t wait to get back to the temple again. I studied on peace today and realized you have to listen, learn and walk. The learning part comes when you go to the temple and feel of the peace that is there. So many things to learn!

We are waiting on transfer news. It will be pretty interesting; there are 7 new English Sisters and 9 new English Elders. We only have 4 English Sisters and 1 English elder right now! It should be fun to see who trains. Sister Crandall’s brother just got home from his mission in Washington DC this past week!

You all are just the best, you know that! I love you long time. Hope you have a good week.
Transfer news came in and we are staying the same.
Sister Koford

Exchanges in Penang

Mom and Dad,


This past week seems like it was a long time ago, haha. We ended up doing three exchanges three days in a row! It was only supposed to be two but another  companionships did not listen so well and showed up the evening we were finishing another one. We were only able to do a half exchange with them because we had to fly to Penang for exchanges with the sisters there the next day. Gosh, Penang is awesome! I loved it! I didn’t get many pictures because this week just felt like we were way busy trying to get everything done. Always going!


Monday night we got this way awesome investigator! I don’t think I have ever been so excited while teaching! It was so fun. As we taught he was just so interested. He was on the edge of his seat which, naturally then, so was I. It was just way fun. I hope we didn’t overload him with too much information. He had lots of questions! Ah, it was so good! 🙂 Gosh, I wish I could describe it better but it was just plain awesome, that’s all, haha!


Our investigator who had two cute kids that love me came to church! She is so good! She is going to have a baby next month! She said she really enjoyed church. And even though she cannot speak English, I think she can understand it for the most part because she said she really enjoyed it!


I talked on enduring to the end in Sacrament yesterday. Everyone must have known I was going to talk because I have not been in a branch as small as it was yesterday! My studies this week have been so good! I just love reading Our Search for Happiness! Elder Ballard did a very good job writing it! Also I have been reading in the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon and trying to understand them! Ha, I should take a class on it or something! So much happened this week. I just don’t know what to write!


I hope you have the best week ever! Love you so much!
Sister Koford