Hazy Days

Sep 13 at 10:14 PM

Apa kabar!

What the!!  I miss seeing those girls (Note: Sister Kelley, Lenhart and Noh came to visit our family)!!! Ah they are great!

2015-09-12 18.07.392015-09-12 18.08.28

Sounds like things are going along there.  Strat sounds like the cutest!.. he’s not even going to remember me 😦 tell him to stop that growing stuff!

IMG_2457  IMG_2507

Tell Jackle she will be fine sending Kaderz off!  I know she is probably feeling like the world might end, but, luckily, life goes on and I will be there to bug her soon enough 😉  She is a strong lady and is going to be the best support for him!  I know he looks up to our family so much so we can just support him!

IMG_2444  IMG_2470

Tell Kaderz to not even look back for a second.  Push through the struggle of leaving.  I have found that the hardest things are best done if you just do them!  It is HARD leaving, no doubt, but the chance he has right now to gain a relationship with his Father in Heaven will out weigh all the struggle.  And, really, it’s only a struggle if you make it!  Just party hard and have fun!! 🙂 xoxox.  Also, tell Kaden I am just an email (or letter) away when he needs it!

IMG_2484  IMG_2522

Sad to hear about Connie and Coleen! I hope they are comfy and happy.  That’s all they need.  We can all find assurance and comfort in The Great Plan of Happiness that Heavenly Father has set out for each one of us!!

IMG_2508  IMG_2512

This week the haze has been really bad, especially the past couple days!  You literally can’t see buildings 100 yds away!  There has been no sun for the past week; just a clouded sky.  On a real rare occasion you can see the candy apple red sun!  Dang Indonesia burning the woods!  You should tell me what the air quality here is!  I think they have cancelled school because it is not safe for kids to be out in and there are a lot of people falling sick.

IMG_2511  IMG_2533

This next week should be interesting.  We are on lock down on Wednesday because it is Malaysia day and it is dangerous…or something.  Then we are going to wait for word about the rioting to see if we can go out on Thursday.  Hopefully, we’re not stuck inside for a week.  That wouldn’t be fun!

IMG_2458  IMG_2502

We had new missionary training with Sister Kershisnik this week and that was fun.  It was good to see how the President and Sister Simmons introduce the new greenies to the mission. Then, the next day I was able to have my first interview with President Simmons.  He is a great dude!  It was good, but I feel like it was so short!  I think I really just miss getting to chat with people, you know.  I was also able to visit with Sister Simmons for a little while and that was nice.  They were able to skype their son and watch him open his mission call that morning.  He is going to Russia!  It would be difficult not being there with your son when he opened his mission call.

IMG_2504  IMG_2497

Ha, I have been thinking lately and I could see Ida and Kirk being a mission president!  They fit that description well I think! 🙂

I have really been wanting to go beowak hunting lately so I will let you know how that goes! 🙂

IMG_2530  IMG_2472

After teaching one of our investigators, I was pretty down because I just felt like I was not a good teacher and I could not answer his questions. Then, at new missionary training they were talking about focusing our studies on our investigators instead of just for us.  I had one of those moments when I doubted myself and wondered what I was doing.  I didn’t prepare well enough. Oh, then I got off my high horse and decided. “Well, I can’t do nothing about it.  I am here and I might as well just do what I can and trust the Lord will make up for the rest.

IMG_2471  IMG_2482

Great to hear from you! 🙂 I love you!

Lots of smokey love, Sister Louly HAZE 🙂



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