I really do love these people and this work!

Dear Mom and Dad,

IMG_6405The past week was So great! My goodness so many miracles! We had a good family home evening at Sister Sharon’s place. It was small but we read from the self-reliance book and with her being such a great self-reliance specialist, she had some good ideas. J. was able to come. She is one of the recent converts and man she just has such a light to her! 🙂 We visited with R. who is one of our investigators and it’s just a miracle that she has such a desire to learn, her husband has not been active for quite some time, but I love when she opens up to us. She just has such a sweet spirit. Also, one of the refugee families we were able to visit came to church…all of them came, ah such a miracle. Usually they don’t go out because they are afraid of being caught by the polis. But they came and they were so happy! We also went and visited with M. and saw her new baby! Oh my, so cute! I love her family so much!!!! We had a good chat and got to play with the two other kids for a second. It’s so funny. Each time we get ready to leave the kids just come grab my hand and sprint for their shoes, because they want to come. This last time though little C. realized after I said bye that we were leaving. She gave a big smile and wave and as soon as I got almost out the door she just got a big lip and started to cry! So I knelt down and she ran and wrapped her arms around me and just cried! Ah, it tore me apart! She would not let go.


I was able to go on one last exchange with Sister Morgan from Colorado! I went to PJ. It was great! She is just a great Sister! It’s so stressful trying to get to and from places, but thanks to Sister H., who by the way is an amazing member, she drove us so we were not late. She even got us some popiah for the drive! It was a miracle as stopped by one of our new investigator’s house because she would not answer our sms’s or calls. When we got there she was so excited to see us!! Her phone was stolen and she said she just prayed we would stop by. She had just gotten home too. She just lights up when we teach, haha. She is like, “I have to tell everyone about this. I am going to convert everyone in this house”! And she had her friend sit in on the lesson who wants to be baptized now! They were both just like, “This is the best thing ever”! Also this family we met became new investigators, 🙂


The recent converts we have are so good! They love following us and helping us teach. They had us over to say goodbye and cooked adobo. Lots of chicken head with brain and chicken feet, nom, nom, nom! Hahah, funny story. We set an appointment with this guy named K. a potential. Turns out when we called to confirm, we had contacted two Ks (same name) and set up two appointments in different places. It would have been fine but the one appointment showed up and kind of creepy. Oh, it was so funny when he came up the escalator. Sister Crandall and I’s jaws hit the floor like, “Oh no”! He also had a pack of about 5 Malay women behind him. It was like a bad Korean movie! Needless to say, we cut that one short. He could hardly speak English and tried hitting on Sister Hill!


Oh, last week my computer timed me out sorry! Haha, hope you did not stay up too long!
Where to even start! I also am trying to wrap my head around whatever this is! Honestly, it does not seem real. Maybe like I am just being transferred again. I want to thank you for everything. I can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you have shown to me through these last 18 months of my life. This whole “leaving thing” is actually more difficult than I thought. I really do love these people and this work. It is not over yet. It’s a life calling that we all have. It’s so funny. Everyone is asking me for advice.


This morning as I studied about our purpose here it was just reconfirmed how important this work is. It’s when I became invested when I involved my heart that things changed.
I am sorry I can’t even think right now just give me a little to gather my thoughts!
I am so humbled to think about how I feel and what I know about the gospel and about life in general now. I feel like I have learned so much and I just hope I can remember it. It also makes me think about just how much I don’t know still! I feel like I have an actual testimony now. I do know these things. I have seen it change the lives of others. It’s real. We do have a Creator. I love sharing that with others. There is a plan, and it’s perfect. It makes me so happy to know that our Savior came here so we cold repent. Repentance is an incredible thing; not something to be scared of. It’s simply changing to become more like our Savior. So we can return to our Maker one day and continue to progress. I am thankful for Joseph Smith and the courage he had to ask questions. How lucky are we to have the truth!


I want to thank you, Mom and Dad, for the love you have shown to me. Thank you for raising me in this Gospel and being patient with me in my journey to find for myself. I must have been one of the most difficult investigators! So sorry about that. Gosh, I just want you to know that I know it’s real! You two are amazing examples to me. Thank you, just thank you.

With love,
Sister Koford


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