Welcome to Singapore, Sister Hill!

IMG_6296Dear Keluarga,

So good to hear from you! Sounds like you had a good week at youth conference and with Jackalope! 🙂 Mmmh, you are going to be looking so good. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!!!, on Friday that is! I hope it is everything you dreamed of and more!

This past week was great! We flew to Singapore for three days to pick up our greenie and for MLC! First, picking up our greenie was good. Her name is Sister Hill from Sandy, UT. Super great girl. She loves reading and writing! Being in a trio is once again a party, mmh so good! And second, MLC was great! I am way sad it was my last one. That meeting is always the best. So spiritual. I made an idiot out of myself… let me tell you! Ha, we were going around introducing ourselves because there were a few new ones. Sister Crandall went right before me and I don’t remember what she said, but that combined with how tired I was, I just started laughing. You know, that laugh that you have no idea why but you just can’t stop. Yeah, it happened. Then it was my turn! So embarrassing. Singapore was great though. Love that place.


We didn’t get to spend too much time in our area so that was a bummer but still so many miracles, lah! We had a special District Conference because they got a new District Presidency. We had some investigators come; one of which has not come before. It felt like a whirl wind. I was able to chat with all the wonderful people from the other branches where I have served in addition to having new investigators there. And, we were supposed to teach right after!


I had some great studies this week! I read a talk by Elder Holland. It’s called Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence. Mmh, it’s so good! I also have been learning so much from Jacob, Jarom, and Enos! I love how each of them had such great faith! When people wanted to test them they remembered the revelation the had previously received and had kept their faith strong so they told them how it was. I learn so much from the way they teach as well. Something I rediscovered as I was going over some of my goals was my vision statement: Continue forward and not backward. It comes from D & C 128:22.


We had interviews with President and Sister Simmons Friday when we flew back. It was really great just to chat with each of them. They are so inspired. I am very grateful for all they do for us missionaries and the Church here! Speaking of interviews, talking with President Simmons was really good! I think he was like, “Times up”. But it’s like talking to a father, you know. I just wanted to chat, haha. He was asking such great questions and helping me so much. I was able to talk to him about was school. He had some good advice. The Lord has impeccable timing!

You are amazing! Love you so much.


Sister Koford


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