I Love Teaching!

IMG_6267This past week, wah! So many miracles!!!! 😁 I love this work so much!!!! We went on a couple of exchanges during the last of this transfer. I went with Sister Petersen, who’s Grandpa is in the 70, and Sister Roberts (the one from Idaho). Both great missionaries! Sister Roberts and I went and advertised at a pasar malam, which is just a night market. My shoulders are sore from holding the sign up. But we got some good pau and roti. Also the cutest little auntie gave us some water from her rojak stand. Such wonderful people here! We also went and did some recycling. One of our investigators goes every Friday so we went with her. It was pretty fun, but I swore if one more person tried converting me to be a vegetarian, I was gonna flip a table or two, haha. Speaking of being a non-vegetarian. I ate the most meat in months when the Reeds (a new family from Colorado) had us over with an investigator. They are VERY country or maybe it just seems like it since I have not seen one for a long as time. But anyways, they fed us roast and potatoes. I am not sure where they got the roast. Maybe they went to one of the Hindu temples and steal a cow, but they did it and it was amazing! Also, such a funny night. The investigator we took was really shy at church and then that night she just decided to open right up. It was kind of funny.


We have a member who has been amazing with giving us some referrals! Ah, it has just been so fun to teach them. They are all from the Philippines. We have taught A. a couple of times. She is a gem! As we have been teaching her, she has been open with us with her questions and as we have been able to answer she is just amazed that we have the answers. Like she was telling us the first time we taught her how she knows Christ was not just a great prophet. He is the Messiah. We are like, “Yeah, he is”! I read her the last paragraph of the intro to the Book of Mormon and she was amazed. Then, as we taught the Plan of Salvation, she had a question about a preparatory state after we die… we were able to answer that pretty quick!


Then miracle last night: We had an appointment with a lady I called the other day as we were calling potentials. She didn’t answer the first time but she called back and we set a time to meet with her. We finally found her flat last night and she was so happy to have us. As we taught the Restoration, her face was priceless! When I asked her if she would be baptized, she was dying, “Yes, I want this”. “I feel so good”! We got her a date and a return appt. I told her we wanted to meet a few times a week to keep her moving. This is something we have started doing and it actually works! But, I tell you what, I love teaching and seeing the light in people’s faces. There is no better feeling when people understand and desire. Ah, it’s hard to describe!


We are now working with the Pakistani family. I am way, way bummed that they had to turn back yesterday half way to church to grab some insulin for their child because he is diabetic. So, they won’t be able to be baptized until after I am gone. They have to make it to three Sundays in a row right before they are baptized. But then there is R. who is a sweet Indian lady and wife of a less active. And, we have some great less actives who are making progress! Man it was such a good week. And now I am freaking out because there is just so much on my little mind!

Ah, I just found out I am training! I’ll still be an STL and training, wahoo!! Wow, so much just happened! Oh yeah, M. had her baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahooooooo! I really tried to convince her to name it Lindsey!
I love you a lot!! 🙂
Lots of love
Sister Koford!!!! 🤘


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