Now, that doesn’t happen every day…

Dear Mom and Dad,


Happy Pioneer Day!! 💃🐴🐎🐂󾓦 From what it sounds and looks like, you all have had a good few days! Did someone get a new pool and tramp and moto? Also, I’m way stoked for Kenzie!! Spencer will do great! You will have to forward his letter I sent.


This week was very busy! We had three exchanges three days in a row. It is nice to be back with my companion but it’s always great to get to know the other Sisters as well! The first day I went with Sister Tu from Australia. We went to Melissa’s baby shower that night. We got her a white dress so she has a baby blessing dress! And a miracle was the Pakistani family showed up right as we were leaving. It was time to go home and change to the next exchange but we had a member there. So we pulled them into a room and taught them for a little bit. They are so great! The traffic is just so bad it takes three hours to get somewhere sometimes. Glad they made it though. They are doing so well keeping the word of wisdom. When we taught them again yesterday, the son had a school event so he could not come to church. So, he will have to be baptized a day after them because they have to come to church the three weeks before their date. Anyways, Sister Tu is great! Then the next day I went with Sister Toone. She is from Utah. We had a miracle while we were studying. The doorbell rang and it was this lady Sister Crandall and I taught when we first moved in! She was like, “Sisters, my phone broke and I lost all my contacts. Then I had to work so much and I moved and my grandbaby got sick so it has just been crazy. But, I want to learn and come to church still!” We were able to meet with her. She is great. She just needs to come to church and she can be baptized. She has learned everything already. Then the next day I went to PJ to go with Sister Morgan. She is from Alamosa, Colorado. She is such a great Sister! It is kinda fun to go back to my old areas and see some of those people. A miracle we had was that one of the less actives we met and taught told us he wants to come back to church! Nobody has been able to contact him for about two years.


M. has not had her baby yet. Her husband got hand, foot and mouth this past week so they were not able to make it to church. Maybe a baby this week though; she is due the 30.


Yesterday at church was nuts! Just a day filled with miracles. One Philippine Sister has been great with referrals! She brought her friend that wants to learn and after church took us to another friend’s birthday party. There were like 15 Philippine women and when we came in cameras came out.. haha. So many ugly pictures of me eating! I would look up and another one would have their phone out!


Five min before church started the 2nd councilor came up and was like, “We only have two speakers. Can you speak?”…… What to do? I said, “Sure”, thinking I would be like the last one after everyone had said what they wanted. After the song he announces I would be first..😱 haha. I was trying to gather my thoughts as I walked up there, but you know the room is not so big so it was a short lived thought. The cool thing was feeling the Spirit take over when I was stuck! I tried talking about how they are mostly all pioneers in the gospel of their family here and we are all pioneers to some extent in something. Then I talked about how sometimes being a pioneer we struggle and it is hard to press on and continue forward. But, we just need to carry on and read Alma 57:27 which talks about how Christ carried on through the Atonement for each of us and as we carry on through the hard times here we will be able to feel the love he has for us.


The rest of the week is kind of a blur. I guess I’m too tired, lah, ha. But we did have a miracle. Someone we contacted who didn’t want to learn, actually told her friend and the friend called us and we are teaching her now! Someone called us and wanted to learn! Now, that does not happen every day ladies and gentlemen.


Thank you and I love you!
Sister Koford


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