Mom and Dad,

Hope you had a good week! Sounds like you had a good Sabbath. I am sure Spencer did a good job. He is going to be a stellar missionary! I wrote a letter to him and have not been able to find stamps or a post so I don’t think he will be getting it before he leaves! Bummer.


For Sister Crandall and I this week, M. was baptized!!! 😂🎉✊ It was really good! We went to Penang on exchanges and ended up staying an extra night because of flight problems so we were only in our area for like three days which was hard! There is so much work to get done here!

The family we are teaching from Pakistan are doing well! They are so great! They are very excited to be baptized next month! So much humility there. He was showing us some of the scars and wounds he got from the Muslim people there beating him. So sad. They also feed us soo much food every time we go there. Ya’ll are awesome! Hope you have a good week! Love you long time.
Sister Koford


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