Let the Spirit guide.

Dear Mom and Dad,

GOSH It looked like a PARTY at the lake!  Tell Debbie Happy Birthday!!! 😘🎉

This past week was very busy. We saw a lot of miracles though! For the 4th of July we went to a park where the senior couples made some food and we played some futbol in the blazing hot sun.


Then, we went to visit a less active and his wife who is not a member. When we got there they were less than pleased we showed up, however, they still let us in. I really felt that we needed to tailor what we were doing there to him and not his wife like we planned on doing. We taught him how to use the footnotes in the Book of Mormon and how they can help with learning more from the Bible. By the time we left, his countenance had changed; it was cool to see. Then Zone Conference was this week. We had to switch the way we do it so we are more like the other missions in the world. It was held in PJ so it was just the KL Zone. It was good. We learned a lot more about finding better potentials as well as teaching people and not lessons. Then, the next day Sister Crandall and I were assigned to give some trainings at the 5 weeks training for all the new missionaries. We taught about how to begin teaching and teaching people not lessons. Now, the miracle is we didn’t have a ton of time to prepare and it was supposed to take some time. Literally, 5 minutes before we had to get up Heavenly Father answered my prayers and I found myself creating a whole new lesson as we sat there. Then as we got up and taught, I could feel the spirit guiding what I was saying. This happens sometimes in lessons but not so much when I teach like that. It was a neat experience. I think sometimes the Lord just waits until you don’t think you can before he gives you some inspiration.


That night we were able to go on exchanges with Sister Simmons. Man, I love her! It was almost like having a piece of home with me; like a mother, ya know. It was good to chat with her and get some advice from her. I don’t really know how to describe it. It was just nice. I wish I could be her companion every day. I took her with me to teach R. because she also speaks Spanish. Then the next day I went on exchanges with the Sisters in Singapore. One of them has been out for 2 weeks and she is great! She’s from Heber City. Very nice girl. It was really strange to be around someone that fresh from the states. There is just a different ere about them. Not sure how to explain it; nothing bad just very fresh. She was dry heaving when we went to visit one of our members at her flat. I guess the cockroaches and smell of feces just becomes the norm after a while. Then when the member made us some nice hot Milo, I thought she was going to lose her cookies 😂.


We had a miracle of some people actually showing up for English class on Saturday. And one of the members brought her sister who can’t speak any English. I thought the class was a flop but the sister bore her testimony of bringing her sister to English class and how it brought them closer together as sisters. Kind of cool. Then we had another miracle of a family from Pakistan who came to church and want to learn! So we are going to be teaching them. And President Woodford had us over for dinner yesterday with M. M. is going to be baptized on Saturday, that is, if her baby can hold off that long! Keeping my fingers crossed.


Hope you have a good week. Love you.
Sister Koford


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