Teaching & surviving the heat

Dear Keluarga,

Mom, I knew you would do great on your talk!  We have a new family that moved into the Branch from Colorado.  He is the first person I have seen in cowboy boots here.  It was refreshing.  I forgot what an American accent sounds like, wowzers!


We have not met with the new missionaries yet.  That is the downside about covering both countries; you don’t get to pick them up from the airport.  But such is life.  MLC is this week again so I will be flying to Singapore.  We went to the aquarium this last Monday.  It was pretty cool.  I have never been to one with a tunnel the fish fly over you.  The Branch President took us to dinner with the family from Colorado.  I guess the father (the one with cowboy boots) is not much of a city boy so President drove us way into the hills and took us on an adventure to this Thai restaurant where they grow the fish and all the food it.  It was so fun!  We were in his van on this dirt road and he’s like, “You better be ready to get out and help push up this hill”.  It was the most adventure I have had here in KL.


Our investigator from Mexico, oh my, I just love him so much.  Last Monday he wanted to drop us.  He was like, “I just don’t know if it is my time.  I stopped praying because I was not getting anything and I am just not sure”.  But he said he would do his part this week and read and pray and then make a decision.


We visited with a few members this week and there is just such a drastic difference between the expats and the locals!  I was able to learn more about some of the locals and their stories.  Oh my, some of them have quite the rough past.  They are such troopers.  The women in the Branch are examples to me.  It is amazing what our decisions do to our future.  I learned from those experiences as well as my studies that having an eternal perspective is how we can ensure our decisions will be better.  So often the decisions we make don’t have that perspective.


Our investigator from Sarawak, came to church again yesterday.  Oh my, I love them so much too!  My little friend was pretty attached yesterday.  We do so much traveling here, but you know, I’ll do it because there is no other way!  I cant wait to drive.  We visited with one of the members.  She is a single lady who watches a boy for her work.  I love her so much.  It’s crazy to see the diversity around here.


I have been reading Jesus the Christ again and, oh my gosh, I love that book!  I cannot believe how incredibly unjust the judges of the Sanhedrin were with Jesus. They went against every law that ever existed.  Christ was so dignified throughout the whole thing!

The heat might kill me!  Its getting harder and harder.  Have yourselves a good week!  Love you!!
Sister Koford


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