Exchanges in Penang

Mom and Dad,


This past week seems like it was a long time ago, haha. We ended up doing three exchanges three days in a row! It was only supposed to be two but another  companionships did not listen so well and showed up the evening we were finishing another one. We were only able to do a half exchange with them because we had to fly to Penang for exchanges with the sisters there the next day. Gosh, Penang is awesome! I loved it! I didn’t get many pictures because this week just felt like we were way busy trying to get everything done. Always going!


Monday night we got this way awesome investigator! I don’t think I have ever been so excited while teaching! It was so fun. As we taught he was just so interested. He was on the edge of his seat which, naturally then, so was I. It was just way fun. I hope we didn’t overload him with too much information. He had lots of questions! Ah, it was so good! 🙂 Gosh, I wish I could describe it better but it was just plain awesome, that’s all, haha!


Our investigator who had two cute kids that love me came to church! She is so good! She is going to have a baby next month! She said she really enjoyed church. And even though she cannot speak English, I think she can understand it for the most part because she said she really enjoyed it!


I talked on enduring to the end in Sacrament yesterday. Everyone must have known I was going to talk because I have not been in a branch as small as it was yesterday! My studies this week have been so good! I just love reading Our Search for Happiness! Elder Ballard did a very good job writing it! Also I have been reading in the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon and trying to understand them! Ha, I should take a class on it or something! So much happened this week. I just don’t know what to write!


I hope you have the best week ever! Love you so much!
Sister Koford


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