New approaches and powerful hymns

Dear Mom and Dad,


This week was good! We went to Singapore for MLC and it was great! I love going and feeling the very powerful spirit that fills the room for those many hours! It was sister Crandall’s first one. We will be implementing some new contacting skills. We will be getting rid of zone conference (whole mission), and working on a new approach for new missionaries and getting them into the groove quicker by having a master teaching program. I am way excited. It should be really good. Now in our contacts we bring baptism up in each one and we are not taking peoples numbers unless they set an appointment up right then. I am really excited to be doing this because I’m sick of talking to people who go nowhere and don’t really want. We need new investigators and some who are begging us to meet instead of us begging them. I think of it like they are trying out for my team each time I go contact someone; they are trying out for team Koford and if they don’t want, I cut them. Same with less actives. If we meet with them and they are not willing to keep commitments, well, maybe the next missionaries will get them. We will be working with people who will make and KEEP commitments.


We had a good lesson with an investigator who came to Church and she was able to get a blessing to help with the witchcraft stuff. I tell you what, hymns are a very powerful tool and I am glad I have a companion who is a music major because during lessons we get to sing sometimes. After the first initial 12 times of me wanting to poke my eyeballs out having to sing in front of them, I realize the hymns are very powerful. We were singing I Am a Child of God with an investigator and the spirit was just so strong. It reminded me of sitting in the rocking chair rocking Mavrik and just how precious we as children of God are. Oh gosh, I just love the hymns.


The Elder’s investigator invited us for dinner, ha. She is a Filipino. It was great. She got everyone, all her housemates together, and cooked a whole chicken which only Sister Crandall and I ate… not sure why nobody else ate any… but some good Filipino food!


You want to know what else I love? Personal study. The hour is just not long enough. So many good things to read and learn. I learned GOD BLESS AMERICA once again. I already knew it, but I love America! Gosh, God bless it.


We were walking home one night from one of the LRT stops because the bus would not pick us up and then there were no more busses. So, we met this kid on the way. He is from Iran and he is way cool. He walked most of the way with us and told us the story about how they used to be strict Muslim but are now Christian. He was way keen to listen and to learn more. Then we met with this other kid who called us and wanted to meet. Naturally we met with him! But my instincts were right. I remembered when we met him. So when we contacted him he said he was not Muslim; he had no religion. Which, that is how he thinks and declares himself. But his parents are from Afghanistan and Kazakhstan so I was like, “Are they Muslim”? And he of course said, “Yes”. So I tried to explain we could not share the message we wanted to with him. But I thought it was interesting how every time we talked about Muslims or something he got nervous and was like, “Shh”. I was like, “Oh boy”. I felt so bad. He was so uncomfortable talking about it. I guess where he is from you just can’t be bold like that. And he told us he was so surprised we had Jesus Christ on our badges.

We also contacted this guy from Korea who went to BYU. He’s like, “Hey, are you guys from BYU”?? I was taken back like, “Uhhh”? Then dumbfounded, I said, “No, but we are Mormon”. Then we talked and hopefully we get to meet with him and his family this week!!!


Alright, have a good week. Love you!!!

Sister Koford


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