Gosh, it is so hot!

Yo Yo Mom and Dad,


Wowee, sounds like you have had quite the eventful week. This week, however, was good for me. The heat is still here! Gosh it is so hot. And I think I might take the pants option. I swear, since that announcement the mozzys have been in full force. And you know, I was thinking it won’t be so noticeable if I get some black Nikes. Then it’s a win, win. No bites and my feet will hopefully not kill me. I won’t have to cry myself to sleep at night! 😉 jk


We had a miracle yesterday. We had our appointment cancel. Now, that is not the miracle. But we were trying to figure out what to do while we were on the bus but then suddenly it stopped and made us all get off. So we just decided that we would pray and figure out what the Lord needed us to do there. It was a busy part of the city and when we finished praying, while on the corner of the street, we looked up and we just were not feeling like any of the people there were ready so we decided to walk down the sidewalk. We stopped this lady and started talking to her for a bit. It was great because she was willing to listen. We were able to testify and answer her questions and give her something to think about. I was able to share the first vision with her and, here is the cool part, when I started sharing a message it was as if everything dissipated. Like all the cars and very loud motos were not there. Just her and us. The spirit was so strong. And as soon as I finished saying, “Hear Him”, everything came back and it was noisy once again. Then later that day we met these kids and talked to them about the purpose of life. Later that night one of them text us and was really sincere about wanting to know what it was because we told him we had the answer. Just the fact that he contacted us from the card we gave was a miracle. You know how many of those things I hand out and how many people reach back out to us…? Not a lot!


We are working with this lady that lives in our building. Her name is Joyce. She is very sweet and when we taught her we found that she has a great desire to learn the truth and has felt that at church. So we are hoping she progresses. We did so much walking again this week just trying to find houses and places! We were able to meet with some of the refugees here; some members some not. And it was neat to hear their story and how crazy it is that they are here. Just a bunch of strong people who understand the love God has for them. Gosh, their faith is something everyone can learn from. We got a new gator. This guy who is a member from East Malaysia wants his wife to learn but she only speaks Malay and Iban. It was a good lesson and we can’t wait to go back this next week. They have two kids and they just loved me. I am not sure why, ha. Gosh, just like little leaches. It made me miss my Strat and Mav!


We taught a less active this week. He should not have even met with us because he had no intentions of learning. He might have some sort of condition. I am not sure. He was a nice guy but tried to tell us God has justified him not reading the Book of Mormon and that he has been alive for thousands of years. When he told us that I thought to myself, “This guy thinks he is one of the three Nephites…” Then I thought again and decided he didn’t, he wouldn’t know. He does not read the Book of Mormon. Anyway, it was an interesting lesson. Glad it’s over.


We have been trying to find places to advertise for English class but we can’t seem to find any good ones. Usually night markets are the best but not when the majority is Malay. We just seem to run into problems then. But we checked one out. I tried to get a couple good pictures. But they just don’t do it justice. In one picture a kid was throwing up in a bag behind his parents stand, haha. Seemed to be a common occurrence. Oh, the joys. I hope you can come experience some of it. It’s great. The smell of human feces lately has been getting at me though. I’m becoming more and more intolerant of the smell. Oh my, I had a cool miracle of praying for charity when I was on exchanges this week that I’ll have to tell you about sometime. Have a good week.

Love you,
Sister Koford


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