A Wedding and A Bat

Mom and Dad!


Oh my, it’s good to hear from you! This week has really, really been long! It seems like forever since I have talked to you and it seems like there is just so much to talk about I don’t even know where to start! It sounds and looks like from your pictures you are doing well! Yay! Just what I pray for every day! Glad you got those nasty cats back, I guess! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ERIK! Gosh, 45 never looked so good on any one 😉. His new gadget looks pretty sick. Wanna fly that unit over here?? Also, shout out to SPENCE! Congrats for graduating seminary!


My goodness, this week was long, as I mentioned earlier! Maybe it’s the extreme heat or just the whitewash that is making it so long! I can assure you we walked probably 40 miles just looking for houses and trying to find people. Maybe that is why my shoes decided to give up on me, haha! We did see some miracles after we begged for them, ha. One day, after we did A LOT of walking, we were planning for the next day and a member smsd us and wanted us to come visit. Turns out she is awesome! She came and fetched us in her car and then was like, “What can I do for you guys? I went on a mission and I know it’s hard”, haha. She drove us around and had us call some members and see if we could stop by for a bit. Unfortunately, only one less active was willing to let us come by.


We also have an awesome Indian member who wanted us to go to her nephew’s wedding Saturday, although, she wanted us to be in the Indian attire, so naturally we were. It was fun. The Branch President’s wife was there also so we were not the only white ones. But that still didn’t stop people from staring, ha. #sorry to steal the show… happens everywhere i go around here 😂😅! Okay, I’ll stop. But really!! That member is just awesome!


I had to run down traffic the other day with a 8 kg watermelon in my arms because we were trying to catch the bus. Good thing the traffic is exceptionally horrible around here so it made it possible! Okay, okay, so the other morning we were in the gym at our flat and I am all excited because I have not seen a treadmill that I don’t have to manually operate for my whole mission. So I am excited, okay. My half delirious self was jogging when suddenly a giant bat grazed my head and skidded across the mirror in front of me! Haha. I did not realize what it was for a second, but when it started flying around the rest of the room and back to the mirror a couple times I did all I could not to trip as I fled from the room! Oh my, it was one way to wake up!


This week for studies has been amazing! I have just been feasting upon the words or so it feels like! Gosh, the Lord really answers prayers! As I read the Book of Mormon this week, I gained so many insights! I also studied a bit on family and temples and family history. Gosh, it was awesome. I am so grateful for the family I was born into and the righteous heritage that has been established!


We taught an investigator this week but we had to pass him because he speaks better Chinese. But when we taught him, we had the best experiences. There really are people out there who are willing and want to learn about this gospel and find something more to life. You are like, “Lindsey, we know”. But, you know what, over and over I just know there has to be more people who want to learn. We are really trying to work on that right now because we are down to one investigator…gahh! Our area is supposed to be the example to all the Sisters and we have one person. I am not freaking out at all! Ha, I know the Lord will help us as we continue to work hard or try to at least.


We live in little Korea! It is pretty exciting. As far as the pants and mosquitoes go, I am not going to get a skin rash from spraying that stuff on me. I sweat so much it would burn my skin off!

Hope you have the best week ever!! You are amazing and I love you a lot!
😘 Sister Koford


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