Whitewashing with Sister Crandall

It sounds like you guys had a good week; lots of fun things going on it sounds like. Not much change around here besides I moved house, got a new comp, a new branch and the email place is very far away!


This past week was alright! You are correct Mom, I was companions with Sister Patterson and lemme just tell you it was awesome! I just love the Pattersons! I got to see more of what they do as public affairs missionaries. It was really fun!


Another one bites the dust and I am now with sister Crandall. She is from Chesterfield, Idaho. She is just great! She graduated from Utah State in music therapy and has been out here for almost a year. She is Malay speaking so maybe my Malay will improve a little, who knows! We are just trying to figure out the new area and branch together! We did spend three hours the other day walking in the sunshine trying to find a less active. Don’t you worry, we found them. We hiked to the top level and her husband answered the door. He was not going to let us in and apparently she went out jalan jalaning.


I tell you what, it is very different living with two other Sisters. I had forgotten what it was like! ….. I might need to quit praying for charity. Despite being thrown into a new area blindly, we did see miracles! I tell you what the Lord is always watching out. We have not been seriously lost yet so that is a miracle! We were able to meet with a recent convert Saturday right before District Conference. She is great. We decided to teach her about family history. As we were teaching her, it was so cool to see her go from sitting back in her chair to on the edge. I kept getting more excited about it when I was teaching just to see her get excited too!


We were able to sing in the Pure Life Society Interfaith Night again! We sang Where Can I Turn for Peace. It was really nice.


One thing that happened during District Conference which I thought was neat and a little miracle was that as one of the speakers was talking he started talking about the nature of the members and how it needs to change for the District to become a Stake. He started quoting 1 Nephi 14:14. During personal study that morning I was reading that chapter and I wrote down that verse and my thoughts about it because they were turned to the members here and he said what I had wrote down! It’s like it’s true or something!


I am grateful for all of you and the prayers you send my way! I love you and hope you have a good week! 🙂


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