Going to Kuala Lumpur

Mom and Dad

Yes it was great to see your smiling faces! You are just a good looking bunch of people you know that!

I just got back from our ostrich adventure and it was great. Just out in the middle of nowhere. Who woulda thought those birds could be so strong ha!

Got transfer news and I am actually being transferred as well. I will be going to KL branch, living in KL, whitewashing and training a new STL; her name is Sister Crandall.  We went on exchanges last week and she is awesome!  Nobody is coming to replace us here in the PJ Branch. It should be interesting.

This past week was great we went to Singapore on Thursday for MLC and got back Friday. It was kinda rush, rush but that’s how it goes sometimes.  MLC was great.  Just a very spiritual, uplifting meeting.

I feel like the Lord was preparing the area for a whitewash and explains maybe why things have been a little tougher lately finding new and keeping people.  I don’t know, maybe that’s an excuse.

I’m grateful i was able to kill Sister Andrewsen.  She is a great missionary.
Thanks for all you do for me I think you all are the best! 🙂
Have a great week!  I Love you!
Sister Koford


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