Exchanges and Morning Market

Mom and Dad,


This week was great. It’s nuts how the days and weeks just really seem so long but time just keeps moving, like, it’s long but then at the same time it’s not. It’s weird. Sister Andrewsen and I had a good week filled with so many miracles! Gosh, the Lord is good at putting miracles in your life. We went on two different exchanges this week with the KL Sisters and then the Cheras Sisters. They were both good. I went with Sister Chamming’s companion on the first exchange. Her name is Sister Larkin! She is also from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The second exchange was with Sister Kaitaua’s companion, Sister Roberts from Idaho. The day I was with Sister Roberts I really feel like we were led by the spirit so many times. We prayed for a miracle as we were going to try and visit a member in some sketchy flats. Right after we prayed we went to find the door. Suddenly, the son comes out of nowhere and is like, “Oh, hey guys”. Nobody was home but he just showed up! After that, everything fell through. We went to advertize English class at this Pasar Malam in Bangsar. There were way too many Malays. It’s always uncomfortable telling them they can’t come to English class because they are Muslim. Some of them just really want to tell you they can. They want their children to be “much more clever” as one woman put it about her son. “Please”, they beg. “Please”! Oh, it’s more emotionally taxing than a lot of things I have ever done. People are always staring, and taking pictures. Literally, stopping and standing there staring. Oh, gosh, it’s an adventure.


We were able to go to the morning market with the Pattersons who wanted to take us there for breakfast because they found a guy who makes great murtabak that they wanted us to try. It was quite the experience. I guess like most days here, haha. You get to see and smell all the things you never wanted to. Live chickens in the crate waiting their turn. Then, they take one out of the crate, weigh it, toss it over, strangle it, toss it all into a boiling water and then take it out, skin it, cut it up and set it out. All the fresh veggies and fruit and all the fish. Just everything. I loved it. But you do need to take shoes you can get a little bloody and gutty from all the fish and meats they are cutting up. It was awesome. I wish we could shop there every week. That way we would have fresh foods instead of the famous amos cookie crumbs we eat for all the meals!


Yesterday we had a great Sabbath. We went to find a less active. The apartment was very secure but we were able to get up there and get in. Oh my, they are the sweetest Filipino family ever. They just had us in and let us share a message and invited us back this next week! I am so SO excited. I hope we get to continue working with them! We are trying to increase our teaching pool because we got rid of quite a few of them.


Gosh, I tell you what, this is the greatest work on the face of this planet and I am grateful to be a part of it! The Lord is there. He is always there! I am just so thankful for you and the love and support you show to me. It means a lot and I hope you can feel that I do love you as well!


Sister Andrewsen and I will be heading to Singapore this Thursday for MLC. I am really excited about it. It is my favorite meeting here. Then she leaves the next week. Gads, killing my companions, the Lord must really want me to learn something and I think I felt that the other day. I don’t know what it was but it was just one of those particularly hard days. I realized that the maybe the Lord needs me to learn endurance. So that is exactly what I am going to do. After all, it is the fifth step in the doctrine of Christ.


Gosh you guys are awesome. Hope all is well with you.

Sister Koford


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