I finished the B of M, again!

MA and PA,
It sounds like ya’ll had a good week. Except for your vehicles..sorry about that!


This week went pretty well for Sister Drew and I. We are still trying to recover from exchanges with the Singapore Sisters. Being out of our area for that long didn’t look too good on paper. Exchanges went well though. I went with Sister Hampton the first day. She is in training so it was fun to feel that fresh fire from her. She is great. We were always moving and we were in the Filipino area; that is always a party. The next day I went with Sister Mackay. There isn’t a picture of us. I guess that’s how that exchange went…


We did see a ton of miracles this week. Also, had an interview with President Simmons and got to chat with Sister Simmons a bit as they came to KL to do some district trainings. They are just the best, ya know that!


We went to the Pattersons for dinner last night which was so good. I forgot what real food tastes like! Also, meat, oh my gosh I miss that stuff! They are always so good to us!


Man, I am sorry to hear about your converts. That is hekka lame! Oh my, it’s all over the world. We have people here that do it as well. SO annoying! I know this means nothing to you but one of my favorite members from PJ got her mission call to England. I am So excited for her. She is such a trooper. Despite all that is going against her to be in the Church, she just keeps pressing on! We need a few more people like her!


Right now we just dropped almost all our gators because they ain’t goin’ anywhere! So we are looking real hard for the rich and the wise. I refuse to bring anyone who is not prepared in, or even try. If they are not prepared I guess they wouldn’t come in anyway, but you know what I mean. Also, we need converts who will be a valuable asset to the branch.


I would love a little natural AC, if you know what I mean. It’s bloody hot here! But that’s alright! I finished the Book of Mormon again and you know every time I finish it, I gain an even greater understanding and testimony of the words inside. I am so grateful for those who are consecrated to the Lord! I love the last verse in 1 Nephi. The Lords chosen will be given faith even unto deliverance! When I read that I thought, “you know what, he’s right, the more we strengthen our faith, the more I believe we will be able to see the Lords hand in our lives”.

I am just grateful for the peace this Gospel brings into my life and I really hope you feel the same way. And if not, well, I haven’t always either, but I know all we have to do is be a little humble and allow it in.


I was listening to a talk last night as I was half way asleep. It was by Elder Bednar! I love his talks! He was talking on being quick to observe, kind of the same as Elder Nielsen did when he was here. I think someone who is quick to observe and the quick to act has a great advantage. We need more people like that! I am working on it. 🙂

I Love you.
Love Sister Koford


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