Back to Singapore for ZC

Mom & Dad.

This past week was awesome. It seems like so much happened in just a week. Time just does not exist here. Sister Andrewsen and I are getting ready to fly back to Singapore tomorrow and we will be back Friday. We get to go on exchanges with the Sisters there! I am pretty excited about it! Then not the next week but the next we will fly back for MLC. Then, the next week Sister Drew flies in to head home! Crazy, crazy.


As far as Zone Conference, it was awesome. Always good trainings. I just really like how President Simmons does things. After it was all over we all went to Marina Bay to watch the light show and sing some songs. We learned a lot about how to teach toward commitments and working with members, which right now, is our biggest struggle. We are working hard to involve the members in fellow shipping and missionary work, but, it’s a challenge.  I gave a talk in Sacrament yesterday and talked about all of this.  I may have come across a little too stern, but you can’t beat around the bush all the time.  Nobody really said anything to me after, hence, maybe I should have toned it down.  It is just really frustrating right now.


This week, as far as missionary work goes, it was good. We actually had decent numbers for being away for 3 days. Last night we met with Peter and his wife and 5 kids. He is a taxi driver. I got a hold of him while I was calling potentials. He picked us up and the Kanes wanted to come so they followed behind us. We got to his flats and met his kids. They were awesome. The Dad could not stay because he said he needed to go out and earn a little more cash to pay for the cab he drove or they would take it away. But his wife and children were adorable! We had a good lesson in English and then ended up translating it back into Malay because, come to find out, that is what they understand better, haha. My companion speaks Chinese and I am working on my ching chong… It’s a good thing Elder Kane spoke some Malay. We have to pass them on so that was a bummer. They don’t live in our area.


We got to meet the sweetest less active and her daughter the other day. It was great the Mom just works so hard for her family. That’s how it is here. People have to work so hard but they still just don’t go anywhere. It’s frustrating for everyone I think. It’s frustrating on many levels. Especially communicating. I’m the worst, I know. I’m working on it!


We had a very full day yesterday that ended up not actually happening, haha. We were set up for 9 new gators and got not a single one of em! We confirmed the appointments, literally the night before, and then they just bailed, haha.

The gators we have now are awesome though. We are working with some awesome less actives that really want to come back. It’s wonderful to see the Atonement work in their lives. It really can change us if we want.


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is wonderful and it works wonderfully. I am so blessed to have been born into the family I have and this gospel. When I think about the large scale of things, its truly a testimony that we each have a specific purpose here in this wonderful plan. It’s true! Have a stellar week!

Sister Koford


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