Trials before Miracles

Well, this week seemed to go on forever!! Really though, it did. We went on exchanges with the Ipoh Sisters and I was able to go with Sister Petersen from Arizona.  She is a sweetheart!  We did a lot of contacting, which was good.  And we had a great district meeting.  Our senior couple, the Pattersons, are really the best!  Oh my, they make the best food and are just always looking out for us.


Alright, living in a two sister house is… interesting, ha.  I have never done it before but it gets a little crazy sometimes!  It definitely stays a lot cleaner and I get my own bathroom!  We don’t have to sleep on the bunks, so that is nice.  Lately, it has been hecka hott and I think it will just keep getting hotter, yay… We got to watch conference the past two days which was really nice!  I really believe that the leaders of this church are men called of god and inspired for this day.  I loved hearing all about the Holy Ghost and how as we rely on him we will become and we can be confident.  Also, a lot on how the world is hard and that it’s important to not give into the world.  Trials will come, but if we are firm in our foundation we have no need to fear.  We will be fine.  So many other things.  Lots on the temple and the sacrament.  Ah, it was all so good.  I don’t have my notes with me; they are back in Malaysia.  It’s actually nice to have a work permit.  All I have to do is scan my passport and my thumb print and I am in.  No immigration for this girl.  Don’t even have to take my tag off.  Malaysia is a different story though.


We were able to teach a lot of people this week.  We met with a lot of potentials that didn’t become investigators, which was a bummer.  But, we are sifting the wheat, just sifting the wheat.  We have a 16 year old investigator from Germany.  She is a sweetheart but she has the stubborn mind of a 16 year old Europeian.. She didnt really have anything good to say about conference.  And, the night before I had a moment.  We were teaching this family.  They are Indian and the father is a pastor (there is probably your first clue)… But, we have been meeting with them and they love reading the Book of Mormon and are willing to pray.  Well we went to the slums where their house is and taught them about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was going very well until we invited them to be baptized.  Oh my, then all h#*l broke loose.  It was like half translation between Tamil and English and the dad was like, “How dare you?  I am the pastor.  I have baptized so many people.  What would I tell all of them?!   I can’t leave and change denominations”, etc., etc.  I tried explaining that their church was from the devil and that their baptism didn’t count.  But they just didn’t get it. Okay I didn’t say it like that, but I wanted to.  After being cut off like ten times I had had it.  I just sat back and said nothing more.  I really almost just took my tag off, sat it on the couch and said, “Sister Koford will stay here but I am going outside!!  Ahh, haha, Sister Andrewson continued to try and explain, but it was pointless.  Finally, I just broke and told them it was nice of them to have us but we have to go, thanks, and we got up. They gave us a cup of Milo that I chugged and then we left.  They still want to meet with us but I just have a little bridge I need to build and get over and then we can meet with them again.  I mean, I see where they are coming from.  That would be very hard, but they just buy into what everyone else would say.  It’s so annoying.  Then on the bus ride back I just was in a bad mood and more people kept getting on the bus and I really just wondered what the… am I doing here, not a single person wants to listen.  I should just set a table up and if they are interested they can come to me because I’m sick of trying to convince people, even though I am not supposed to be the one convincing, it just feels that way sometimes.  It was late and as we were walking home I decided to contact this guy.  I had walked passed him but I decided to run back after him.  My mood still wasn’t the best so I was running faster than normal and, well, I startled him… he rejected us as well… haha, it was quite the night.


It’s still interesting to be back around all the Subang members.  Here’s a typical day for Sister Drew and I. We get up and go for a run right by the highway to suck in all the morning gunk in the air, yum.  And then we come back and eat breakfast, shower, get ready and do studies.  Then we eat lunch and then we are out teaching or contacting or finding less actives because there is a lot of them.  Some days we advertise at the night markets for English class.  Saturdays we teach English, Tuesdays are district meeting, and Thursdays are weekly planning.  We will be doing like 6 more exchanges this transfer.  Just trying to find the rich and the wise, you know.


We did have a miracle last week. After district meeting we were on our way to lunch with the Pattersons and I saw a food truck with some “really good for you doughnuts” ;).  I couldn’t decide if I should get them.  While I was deciding, this white guy comes up and shakes my hand.  He said, “It’s good to see you again”.  I’m like, “And you are??”  He had met some other sisters at the night market.  Well, that was that, but we were calling potentials that night and we called a card.  The same guy answered.  We didn’t know it was the guy who we saw earlier.  He’s like, “Yeah, you shook my hand earlier”. … Oohh yeah, haha, so dumb we are!  Yes.  Then he’s like, “Can I call ya back”?  “Ya, sure… nobody ever calls back”, but he did!  He’s like, “Sorry, I was finishing a meeting and I told one of the guys I was talking to the Mormon missionaries and he said he has some questions for you.”  Then he goes, “What makes you think I would be interested?”  We were like, “Uhh, we don’t know”.   So he said, “I’m not sure I’m interested but we can meet.  I’ll bring my friend and his family and my wife.”  Halleluiah! Haha.  We were freaking out.  But, Saturday, when we were supposed to meet, he cancelled.  He seemed sincere about it and we will meet another time, but a miracle indeed.

IMG_5020  IMG_5015

I love you,

Sister Koford 🙂


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