PJ Malaysia with Sister Andrewson

Mom and Dad,


This week was good. I sent sister Fuglistaler off, or, she sent me off. Her flight was not until later. And, I made it back to KL. Sister Andrewson is awesome. She is from Draper. And the two sister house is, interesting! I knew the PJ members and the area a bit from spending time in the Subang Branch, so I’m excited to get to work with them all officially now. Our area is doing pretty well, hopefully we can keep the keep the fire burning! Sister Andrewson only has six weeks left so I think we should be able to. It was interesting to come back to the same house, same chapel, lots of the same things, haha. But it will be good I think. Church yesterday was interesting. I got to see most of the Subang Members. I don’t think they even thought I had left, which I didn’t really like because I feel like since I left there, I have really changed a lot. But what do ya do!


It has been SO SO SO hot lately. I am pretty sure I have never sweat so much in my whole life! We saw a few miracles this week. As we were teaching one of the less actives that is coming back, we met with her outside on the curb because her boss does not like her to talk to us. We met for a few minutes and she said about 5 minutes after we left her boss came back so it was a miracle we were so timely! We went and saw a few of our investigators who are in the hospital; the hospitals here, ha, they are something!


Since we are so far away, we don’t get to pick up or train the new sisters, which is a bummer. But they are in good hands with President Simmons and the AP’s. I’m excited to see how this transfer pans out. I think it will be a really great one.


Thanks for your love and concern, have a good week!


-Sister Koford


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