Back to Kuala Lumpur

Happy Easter Mom and Dad!
Sounds and looks like you had a good Easter! haha The pictures are awesome! I am glad you got to have the boys over with the Easter Bunny! Looks like lots of fun there and also really cold! Dad, your pics at Temple Square were awesome! Thanks.

This week seemed like it was SO long! Holy cow. Actually, maybe the weeks are just blending together! Sometimes I don’t know up from down but that’s alright. It’s the Lords work. He will do what He needs. It was Sister Fuglistaler’s last week which is pretty sad. She is awesome! I’ll miss her. We were able to have interviews with President Simmons this week and it was really good. I really like President Simmons and Sister Simmons. It was a good interview, and man, I just like to chat with people I guess. The interview always seems to end so quickly, haha. At the end he was talking about Sister Fuglistaler and her going home and then he told me I am going to go to KL and be with Sister Andrewson. We will be the STL’s for all of West Malaysia and Singapore. He then went on to say how much we need to get the Sisters in the mission going. He feels like they could be doing a lot a lot better and more than they are. Then talked about being a missionary and setting a good example for not only the Sisters but the Elders as well. I just was not sure what to think. I still don’t know, ha, but just roll with it! It will be interesting to go back to the old pad and see some of the Subang members. We will go to church in the same building.


We had to move house because the owner of the 8th floor wanted it back so we had to move down to 4th floor. So, so much stuff! Seriously! Then that night at dinner I still had some stuff that didn’t fit in the box I was going to send home, so the members just took it out of my hand and said they would mail it home. The member’s here are so great.


We met with Kara again this week and had to say goodbye. That was really hard. We have such a good relationship with her. I just pray she keeps the faith, which I know she will. She has come so far. It was a hard goodbye. but it is only for a while because I will see her in September when she comes to Salt Lake for a conference!


Easter is not really a holiday here. Well, it is because it’s a national holiday to respect the Christians just like every other religious holiday, but everyone just accepts it as a day off of work. There are no real celebrations. We made a basket for Sister O’ Boyle and Chamings and made them find it, so, that was as festive as we got.

IMG-20160114-WA0001  IMG_4944

I went on exchanges with Sister O’ Boyle. She is great! She will be heading back to East Malaysia so I probably won’t see her again.

I have had some great studies on Christ! I have been reading the notes to the chapters of Jesus the Christ and they are very good. I almost like it better than the other, but together its very informative.


Sister Fu and I make smoothies every morning. The bunk beds in the new flat don’t squeak. It’s really nice. But the air con sucks so it’s like a sauna at night. I got told off a lot by people while I was contacting, but that’s normal.

This morning Sister Fu and I read a talk together and it was SO good by Elder Holland. And this week I feel like my testimony has grown. I just know that this is the greatest work on the earth. I know our Father in Heaven is there. He is always there. I know Christ lives and His Atonement is all encompassing!! He loves you! I am reading in Ether now and it’s really good.


Have a splendid week! I Love You!
Sister Koford


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