Teaching English or Shiglish

Dear Mum and Dad,

This week, for me, was good! Sister Fuglistaler and I went on two different exchanges, so that was nice. I went with Sister Roberts one day and Sister Chamings the next!

IMG_4897  IMG_4901

This coming week is Sister Fuglistaler’s last one so hopefully we get even more miracles! We had the miracle this week of putting this guy, Joseph on date. He is from the Philippines. It was a way solid lesson of the restoration. Gotta love when that happens! 🙂


While on exchanges with sister Roberts, we went to a couple of members homes because she used to serve in fourth ward. The members here are so great, so good to us!
On exchanges with Sister Chamings, we were able to do service at this Christian place and it was so nasty! Good thing we only had to spend a couple hours there. I thought, “If my Dad were here, they would shut this thing down”, Haha! Poop everywhere, even in the food things they serve the kids and elderly…. just dump it out and eat up!


We went to this new family in the ward who is from France. He is getting his PhD in like micro space engineering or something. They have a 4 month old baby and it was so fun to just talk to them, haha. They don’t speak English very well so it was exciting all the time. You know, going to all these peoples homes each day really opens your eyes to what life could be like and it covers all spectrum’s! I am really hoping i can learn a little something about being successful from them. It’s interesting also to see how members can look so good from the outside at church but really be struggling with their testimony. That happens a lot more than we think!


This week we have really been trying to focus on contacting the white people or the Expats, you know. So we have been spending a lot of time downtown. And, I tell you what, it takes a lot more courage than you would think to stop a large white man in a business suit! You just never know how they will react! Some are very nice but most are like, “How dare you talk to me”! Or they just know who we are an mock us as they walk away, haha. Oh, it’s an adventure! I never had to worry about talking to the Expats in my other areas, or at least the pressure to talk to them wasn’t so much as it is so now. But it’s good. I like a challenge.


English class was good this week as well. We have awesome students from Japan. They really think I know what I am talking about 😂 hahaha! You know, I am just thankful they decide to come back each week!

Transfers are next week. The temple dedication sounds like it was really good and good job on the funeral!  You rock.
Have a great week. I love you.

Sister Koford


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