Teaching with the Book of Mormon

Mom and Dad,IMG_4746

Hey hey hey ya beach bums. Hope you are enjoying Florida! Looks and sounds like lots of fun! I am living with a Sister from South Carolina and she says Florida is awesome. I am glad you all got to go. I thought it was just you, Mom and Jac. That is great! We are in the Ward where all the tourists and businessmen come as well!IMG_4801

This past week I have been studying in 3 Nephi. I love reading this section of the Book of Mormon because as I read about Christ coming to the Americas and teaching and ministering to the people there, it is just a bit of a different feeling than the rest of the Book of Mormon. And, it actually came in handy teaching this week. One of the days we were teaching our investigator from France and I was able to answer some questions he had using what I had just read that morning. And, this morning when I read chapter 19 vs 3, it reminded me of black Friday and how everyone always lines up and camps out, haha!
We were actually able to go do service at this YWCA place for the second time. Pretty much my whole mission we have been able to do service! It was the best! We just cleaned up this children’s place and organized some stuff.IMG_4794

I went on exchanges this week with Sister Chamings. It was good! We had a really busy day because it was Stake Conference. So, we didn’t get to do much missionary work. Good thing we can redeem ourselves. We go on exchanges with her and her companion very week. Not sure if I told you already but she said her family got the plaque.

Stake Conference was pretty good yesterday. We had an Area Seventy and a General Authority visitging! When Elder Monson made a comment, the General Authority called him out a little in front of everyone for being the prophet’s grandson…it would be difficult to be him some days I think! We learned a lot about how to try and get members on board for missionary work. It’s a tuff thing to do, ya know. We also learned about the Sabbath Day and Christs Atonement.IMG_4805

Not a ton of anything special happened this week. Sorry for the lame update! Miracles have not ceased though. We had a member give us a referral! We were able to do service, learned a lot from the book of Mormon and understood it in a little different way!

Easter isn’t really a big deal over here. I didn’t even realize Easter was coming until I read your letter!
Well, good to hear from you all and hope you have a good week!

Sister Koford


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