Teaching and Testifying

Dear Mom and Dad,
Oh yeah, looks like Mavrik had an awesome birthday! And, I see you are still walking. Looks nice and chilly!

Alright, this week was great. Well, better than the last few weeks we have had. The past couple days we have had awesome miracles. Saturday we had a great day set up and had two potential investigator appointments and a recent convert. But they all cancelled when we confirmed with them…. So we called a potential the Elders passed to us the night before, and he didn’t answer. But he sms’d us later and was like, “Did you call? What did you need”? Then we told him we would love to meet him and he said, “What about today”!? So we set a time and met with him! It was almost awkward because we couldn’t find a member but we were meeting him at the church. We needed a female to go in the church with him, ha, but we just brought some chairs out on the front and taught out there. At one point he was like, “Would you like to go in so we can hear better”?… “Nah, it’s alright”! He is from Paris and he is pretty awesome!!

IMG_4679Then yesterday at Church in the 4th Ward during Sacrament, we noticed a family that looked pretty new at the back. So, I told Sister Fu to keep an eye on them so they don’t leave. But they headed out the door on the third speaker so we hurried out there and started talking to them. They had just walked past the church and wanted to come in. So we were able to set a time up to meet them this next week. They said they want to come back. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to keep them because they are local Indian. They will go to the Ang Mo Kio Elders. But still a miracle!

We met with this guy this morning. He is from South Africa. We have been trying to meet with him for a while now and finally was able to do it. He is very knowledgeable. Very. He has a lot of questions, which isn’t a bad thing. I was teaching about Joseph Smith and I started reciting the First Vision (which is generally the most spiritual part) and I got a few words in and I could not remember it! I literally only had it coming to my mind in Malay.  I had to tell Sister Fu to do it because I could not think of it in English.  It was SO embarrassing. I almost had a bad attitude but I just gave it a second and testified about something else. We got into a discussion about knowing vs. believing. He claims you cannot say you know something. You can say you believe but don’t say you know. I could see the lesson was going nowhere so we just ended it.

IMG_4690  IMG_4704
And then a member took us to this Indian table cloth place this morning becuase Sister Fu wants to get some souvenirs and things. So, sorry this letter may be shorter but riding in her car made me so car sick!

IMG_4657  IMG_4665
I read some talks this week and one was called How To Become A Consecrated Missionary. Well, it is a VERY good talk! You should read it.  It also made me feel like the worst missionary ever, ha. Let me tell you, going to member’s houses for dinner each night here is such an experience. I get to see and learn a little bit about how these very successful people live and it’s just fun to learn about.

Well, not a whole ton went on this week. Just a regular week here!
Have a great week. I love you guys! 🙂


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