The Spirit works, guys!

Gruezi ma an pa! 🙂

Sister Füglistaler and I had a great week!  We had a really good lesson with an investigator, Andrew, yesterday after church.  At first I thought, “Oh my, this is not going so well.” It has been a bit slow lately and we have not taught as much as hoped for. But, by the end, we had a good flow and the Spirit was really there helping out.  Andrew is one of the only people who really questions everything, seriously everything, and where can it all be found.  One question he asked is why there is so much wood in the building and why are the benches wood.

We also had a good lesson with Kara on Friday. It’s always the best going over there because her house always smells like Dottera.  And she loves giving life advice.  As we taught her the commandments she told us about how she totally sees how they (commandments) protect and free us and I just wanted to shout for not. She gets it. She understands! She should come to some other appointments with us.  She would be a great teacher.

It’s always funny the days we get rejected and mocked the most, if we don’t get discouraged, the Lord blesses us with one good miracle. That’s what happened on Saturday.  It was the end of the day and we were meeting a less active member who’s returning for dinner.  We met at Marche at Vivo City Mall.  It’s just this Swiss restaurant on the top of this huge mall. But we met and she brought a friend with her!  Like sweet, a referral! But, as we were eating and conversing, we discovered that he didn’t want to listen at all.  He was Catholic and, yeah, he had heard of the Mormons.  As dinner came to a close we decided to change plans from what we were originally going to teach and decided to share about the Book of Mormon and share a scripture in there.  Right after we read the scripture he had a lot of questions. Suddenly he was interested and thanked us for the scripture. He really needed to hear that right then.  Come to find out, yesterday, the less active was telling us he appreciated the scripture a lot because he just got laid off that day.  The spirit works guys!


So, one of my favorite videos to share is called Life Without a Savior. It’s a Christmas one but can be used at anytime. It tells what life would be like without a Savior. And for me, really puts things into perspective, just how hard life would be. And how much we don’t realize just how much the Lord is in our lives.
I am pretty sure it has rained a lot this week. Most mornings we woke up and it was really dark outside and then rained all day!
Sometimes it’s so funny/annoying how when we go try and visit with less active members you can’t get in anywhere without them letting you in. We went and typed in the number to the condo unit so they could let us in the elevator and up to their room. There is a speaker and a camera so they can see who it is.  When we called, they talked for a second but then saw it was us and goes, “Ohh, haha, it is the sister missionaries, you know I’m sorry, we are literally headed out the door right now.  It’s not a good time, like literally out the door, like we will probably see you at the taxi stand in five min….”  I just had to say, “Gee, we will just come back another day!”  With a smile of course!

Oh, last p-day was pretty fun.  One of the perks to killing lots of people and living with lots of dying people is you get to do all the fun things because they are at the end and realize they don’t have much time.  So, Fugis and I went to Sentosa Island and found a couple of things to do!

This week I have been studying about the Atonement in Jesus the Christ book.  Oh my, I love reading that book.  Even though there are some difficult words it still makes sense and I usually have the dictionary with me to help out!  I just read your letter and it sounds like we have been having some similar studies! Sweeet!  I also am so grateful for the Atonement.  It allows me to do things I think are impossible.  It allows others to recognize their eternal potential and for that I am grateful.  It makes this work a little bit easier!  As I was reading this morning I found that as Christ went into the garden that Peter realized he would never be able to be with Christ through all he was going through as he so wanted to when they were at the supper.  I realized how close Peter, James and John were with him!  It was cool to realize and read about.

Wahoo, I can’t wait to pick those sisters up!  That is one of the coolest things to do!  Rachel and Yevette! So funny, but not really at the same time.  I would die if I had a companion I couldn’t get along with!  What a good experience for em!  Ah, Stewies birthday!?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE DUDE!! 🎁🎁🎉🎊🏀🎆  I can’t believe I am missing another birthday.  I will be there in spirit! 👻  So cool you get to sub for Gabby!  You rock as a teacher! 🙂
Have a great week!  I Love you Long time !!!
sister KOFORD!!!


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