Pray Anywhere.

Howdy Mom and Dad,😁

This week was great! We had a lot of good things going on. It is still Chinese New Year. I’m not sure how long it lasts but it’s pretty great. It was transfers this week so we shipped Sister Huff off to KL. It’s not quite as busy without the Chinese ward. But before she left we got into a few Chinese member’s homes which was great! One of the families we went to had like 6 kids! They had so much energy! But during Chinese New Year everyone has steamboat… it’s like just a lot of whatever you want to throw in there. I tend to stick to the veggies, but there are a ton of fish balls which are not my favorite but it’s tolerable.


A member from our ward took us to dinner at Chili’s, which was soo good! It reminded me of having a lunch out with you guys, it was really nice. And then since it was Chinese New Year, everything was shut down!! Everything! So, we didn’t get to get too many groceries. After dinner a family took us to this really fancy grocery store and got baskets and just started filling them! They bought us soo many groceries! I felt so dumb! But I will accept the gesture, I suppose. One other pretty sweet thing about Chinese New Year is the ung pow. It’s the little red envelopes people give to single people with money in it and it’s to wish them a good prosperity or something. So, if you don’t accept it’s really offensive. Now, I’ll just say there are a few perks to being here at this time of year! 😉


Speaking of fancy things, we went to have correlation with one of the ward mission leaders and he wanted to go to lunch and correlate over that…little did I know it would be at a way fancy hotel! The fanciest one I’ve seen and I haven’t had the option of so many fancy cheeses in my whole life, ha. But it was good. The smoked salmon was amazing!! I was just sitting there minding my own business when a guy came up takes my napkin cloth and unfolds it and tosses it into my lap! I was not aware you had to do that!

We were able to visit this kid who has been an investigator for like 4 years and just won’t progress. He says it’s because of his mom but I’m not so sure about that. But he invited us over to meet his mom and have some Chinese New Year goodies. Soo many goodies.. so many!!! But we were able to teach a lesson with them and she was pretty receptive so I’m excited to see what happens. Also the family we are working with the three kids we had a great lesson with them about the temple! They are such great kids that just need a little direction and parental involvement. It sucks for kids who don’t have parents around when they need them! Then we were able to go to a CNY gathering at a member’s house which was pretty fun but I seriously haven’t been so tired in my life. This week was challenging that way. I have never fallen asleep anywhere but I did on the bus that day! So embarrassing.


And this week we had a great lesson with Kara. We took a member along that was able to relate to her well and as we taught her about baptism (since she has been away from the church so long) you could just feel it coming back to her. The spirit has been working with her a lot since she has moved here which I am thankful for. She is willing to come back because she has said this church is truly the only place you can find real peace lasting peace. And, I believe her. She has been other places and tested other ways!
The other day I was just about dead. I had had it that day and was so tired. We boarded our train and Sister Fu gave me the look to go talk to this white young lady. I was like you’re kidding. I struggle (if ya didn’t know) talking about the gospel to white people but I am getting over it. So I sat by her and started talking and she ends up being way nice. She’s from England and just moved back here. And when I asked her if she would like to learn more she said..”YES”!!! Wahoo, haha. I am looking forward to meeting up with her again. But also kind of nervous…like don’t mess it up! But I have the faith she will accept!! Sounds really lame, alright, but it’s not…

IMG_4515  IMG_4514
Alright, this week after we had dinner at a members we had some time to contact. So we decided to walk home instead of take the train. As we were walking, we crossed a road at Orchard, which is a very busy place, and we stopped this fellow and was just chatting with him. He was interested but then he wasn’t. He wouldn’t take my Book of Mormon because it was too small to read. I think it was just an excuse. He said he needed to go but I was prompted by the spirit to pray with him right there at this busy intersection. So I was like, “Okay, wait, before you leave could we pray”. He’s like🤔 “Uhh, I don’t know how…” I was like, “No worries, just fold your arms, bow your head and I’ll say it”. He’s like, “Right here, you want to pray”? I’m like, “Yep” 🙂 Then we folded our arms and the spirit prompted me again but this time it wanted me to kneel. Kneel down in the middle of the busy sidewalk. I was wrestling for a second then said, “Well, actually sometimes (mind you we had all already bowed our head and folded out arms) when we pray we kneel like this”. And I knelt. He was like…., “Um … Okay”… And we all knelt and prayed on the busy sidewalk. The Spirit was so strong as we prayed I almost shed a tear!

As far as studies goes this week i had a few really great ones! As I was reading the talk The Lord Is My Light, by Quinten L. Cook, a part stood out to me regarding you, Paps, and maybe something that could help the Ward. It’s 4th Nephi vs. 2 and 16 specifically. Not sure why it stood out, but I made a note to tell you about it. And also the talk It’s Never Too Early And Never Too Late. Not sure who it’s by but it’s really great! 🙂

Well, I hope you have had the best Valentine’s Day. Here, they do some celebrating.
Oh, also we got to go to the airport and pick up the new arriving missionaries!! It was the coolest! 🙂 I swear that was just me! Then we gave them a little training about some things specific to this mission! It was really fun. Also really strange to be the one sitting on the stand for meetings.

Have a good week! I love You! 😘
Sister Koford


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