Happy Chinese New Year!

IMG_4336Dear Mom and Dad,

GONG XI FA CAI!!!! Happy Chinese new year 🙂

This week for me was really long! You already know we went to the zoo last P-day, which was fun. We will try to do some stuff for Chinese New Year because it is today! 🙂 Maybe that’s why this week was a little off. This holiday is bigger than Christmas. Everything shuts down and people just seem to drop off the face. We even only had 1 hour of church yesterday because it was Chinese New Year Eve. We did get invited to a member of Second Ward which is the Chinese Ward (because we are still in a trio and Sister Huff is Chinese speaking). We went to their house for dinner last night which is a really big sign of respect because Chinese New Year Eve is when all the families get all together and have a reunion dinner, and we were invited to it! They are straight up out of China so they spoke no English… So much xie Xie going on, haha. And we did cheers like 8 times during dinner gong XI fa CAI *and cups smash together* it was an experience. Also, they made soo much food.


It’s transfers today and I think I will be here for the rest.. We will see.
We had a miracle this week. We went to visit a less active and they weren’t there so we wrote a little note and gave it to the maid. Then as we were walking away outside they were just coming home!! They invited us in and we were able to teach them. They just filled us with a lot of lies like they were coming to church and were happy to see us. In reality they never came to church or even answer us when we call or text. Just lots of fluff to your face and never follow through. Sometimes I just want to be straight up with these people and be like, “Look, we can sit and play the awkward happy to see you to your face game and make no progress ever or just cut straight to the point”, which is what I would rather do. Maybe that’s just the way I operate though.


The last two days it has been really great weather. Today I was studying about motivation and the 4 different kinds of motivation and what is the best one, 1. Fear 2. Reward 3. Duty 4. Love.  And, obviously love is the best motivation to do anything because it’s your actions which are a reflection of your thoughts and thoughts are a product of your desires. The desires you have make up who you are and who you are is a result of how much you have allowed the Atonement to change you. So, being motivated by love is a direct result of understanding the Atonement more thoroughly. At times, being motivated by getting results or the consequences of doing or not doing things is easier.


Also, I found it interesting as I opened Jesus The Christ and studied about how the Pharisees hated Christ so much they accused him of being possessed by the devil and would send people to go watch him just to try and find something to accuse him of that would be punishable by death.


Whew, finally found an emailing place! Everywhere is closed for Chinese New Year. Imagine that!


Also, I got a call from President Simmons this morning and he called me to be an STL in Singapore. So I will be staying here with Sister Fugistaler and killing her this next transfer.



Hope you have a good week I love you!!!


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