Floating Baptism!

Mom and Dad,

Hope you had a good week. I am writing this on the phone as we wait for a bus from the zoo. That’s what we have done for p-day so far, hence why it’s a little later than usual. We got to go for free. It was actually a pretty cool zoo. It’s super hot today though. The zoo is built around a reservoir so it’s really pretty inside. And most of the animals are free range so they are just amongst you which is pretty cool. I found a trampoline and I couldn’t resist… #Imissadrenaline.  We had an exciting experience the other night at the church which included adrenaline but I’ll tell you that later!

We had a baptism in the Second Ward. Her name is Chen Mei. She is the cutest old auntie. She is in a wheelchair so we put a stool in the water but she floated and was laughing so hard it was funny. Also, the entire service was in Mandarin.

Oh yeah, there is a couple that just moved into our ward from Utah and they are going back to Logan for a visit. You might want to look them up. #expatwardbenifits

This morning I studied Heleman 5. It was so interesting! It was all about remembrance. Then I was reading through my notes from the MTC on a talk by Elder Bednar. I feel like in the MTC I just felt the spirit so strong because my notes were pretty good! As I was studying today though I was pondering about Jesus Christ and why he was chosen to pay the debt for us if we were all equal and I was also pondering what pre earth life was like? And, as I was at the zoo today, I was wondering if one third of the animals also chose not to come here or did they not have choice? Just a few interesting things. And one thing about the expat wards is they are pretty good at doing their callings!

Chinese new year is next week so there is only one hour of Church and everyone is too busy and won’t meet with us! Well, sorry my email is late this week. I just found out we are at a place where we can’t send pictures so that’s lame.

Have a good week. I love you!
Sister Koford


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