The Trio

Dear Ibu dan Bapa,


This is coming a little later than usual. Sorry about that. It’s been a crazy day. We had a baptismal interview that could only be done at 1:00. But she passed so life is good now and we can move on. Her name is Chen Mei. She is the sweetest old auntie. Not sure if I told you, but I am in a trio now. We have just been chugging along.

We had a baptism on Saturday for Elvira!!! She is awesome. From Malaysia. It went really well, except I had to lead the music and then we had to sing. It was called Gethsemane; a really beautiful song but not so much when ya get me goin. Ha, ah, I hate music!! I only like to listen to it; I don’t want any part of it. We had dinner with Elvira’s family that night and they are super sweet. Just humble people which is refreshing once in a while.
I also got my work permit this week. That was fun. Not a ton else. Since we are later today, we probably won’t do anything big for the rest of p-day. We will probably be out of time when we finish emailing.

Oh yeah, I forgot zone conference was this week as well. My goodness, that feels like it was a year ago! But it was pretty good. We had a lot of good trainings on the work. I got to see everyone from West Malaysia again so that was awesome!! The senior couples especially. Then there was a worldwide missionary broadcast a couple days later which was awesome. Ah, I am so tired. Sorry this week is kind of short! #sorrynotsorry.

You will have to let me know how April’s talent show goes! And I think it’s probably believing in Christ that is more important. It is good to believe Christ, but that requires no action with faith or hope. We read Enos with a lot of our members lately.

IMG_4221  IMG_4225

IMG_4227  IMG_4276
Well, my mind is dead at this point in the day, so, sorry!
Have a good week! I love you. ❤
Sister Koford


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