Listening to the Spirit…in Chinese!

Woah, life goes just keeps on giving dosen’t it?! Sounds like things are continuing to move along there. Woot, woot, road trips to Colorado! That will be really fun. Just think of it as an adventure and go for it! 🙂 Kenzie and Erik’s cruise sounds fun! Kenner just can’t get enough of those cruises can she! Have fun skinny skiing! That is a great work out.


This past week… Well, I guess President was just too impressed with my Malay so he’s made me a Chinese speaker! I guess he thought I could just use a little more of a challenge. 😉 Haha, just kidding, kind of. I am in a trio with a Chinese speaker because Sister Huff’s companions moved on. One went to the Temple Square mission and Sister Chua got kicked out of Singapore. So we cover the Chinese Ward too. It has been an adventure! We went to a lesson and the helper was from Indonesia so I was pulling out all the Indonesian that I could to teach her about preisthood and baptism. Haha, it’s not the same as Malay! Then another lesson was all Chinese. Ha, I’m working on that one! I tried to say some stuff, but the tones are just hard so I usually end up saying the wrong thing! It has been really fun though. We have been working on our boldness still!


It is zone conference today and tomorrow. It’s kinda sad not to have to fly in. I miss flying! But I am excited to learn something new. And to see my West crew! So many people are going home still. I need to start making friends with the younger missionaries and not everyone who is leaving!

HA, funny story of the week. So when we found out we would be in a trio we were trying to move our massive dresser into the other room so we could fit another desk in our office. Well it completely fell apart. So we had to fix it because we didn’t want to buy a new one! We went and got a hammer and nails.. that was not going to work! So we got a power drill but we didn’t use that either. We found out how to piece it together. But it was huge.


I learned a lot about listening in my studies this morning. I read up in Preach My Gospel and really liked what Elder Holland talked about. One time I think we really had to teach by the spirit is when we were teaching a less active and she had friends over. The lesson we had planned was not appropriate for the situation. But, because we had the spirit, we were able to change it and it went really well and as we were leaving the husband (who is not a member) and the friends were having a really good conversation on the Savior. It was just really cool to see.


Last night we went to teach these kids whos dad is really less active and has no interest in coming back. They are 14, 14 and 15. They are really sweet. And as I was testifying of how much their Savior loved and was aware of them I could really feel it. They are still struggling with the death of their mother and even though I don’t know what they are going through, I just really felt like I could sympathize with them. The spirit was so strong. I know as we say our testimony out loud, it will be more real to us and others! You will know it more and be more sure of it.


The struggle still continues with being comfortable with expats. It’s actually getting better. I think I was sent here to learn some compassion, and learn to love people who drive you nuts. I don’t know! Just a thought. The expats are really wonderful. And I am grateful for the opportunity I have to serve them!
Thank you for being you.
Have a good week
Love you!
Sister Koford


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