Bold Eagles

Mom and Dad,

Things in the 1st and 4th Wards are fine. Oh my, the pictures are awesome! SNOWWW!!!! Send some to mee and some cool air. Actually, the air con here is doing a fine job. I have been freezing since I have been in Singapore. Well, when I have been inside, at least. The air cons here must work better. But it’s been super hott outside! The sun here is crazy. We had about 8 hours of church yesterday. The two wards and then a baptism. It was pretty long but I actually enjoyed it. The Hadleys are the raddest right!? Soo, when are you guys going on a mission!? 😋 The pictures were great! I can’t believe you got to see all those guys I miss em!!


That’s awesome you got to go around campus with Jackle! She is going to love it!! I hope I get to watch Elder Nelson’s devotional. It sounds like a good one.

This week on the Singapore home front almost all the appts. we had cancelled, haha. One of them that didn’t cancel, however, I went to on splits with a member while Sister Fu had a meeting. We met and it was actually really fun to teach with her. She has a daughter on a mission as well. And when she was done she said she couldn’t wait to tell her daughter about it. It was cool for her to get to experience that a little, she said. So if you get the chance, go out with the missionaries! Sister Fu had an STL meeting one of the days so I was in a trio with the Filipino sisters.

After her meeting, she came back and was telling me a little about what she learned. My competitive bone kicked in and we just decided, fine, if they want to be that way we will prove them wrong. We decided to put our trust in the Lord and just talk to every single person. So usually we could get maybe 15 potentials a week (That is getting 15 people’s phone numbers.) It was Friday. We started and only had 6 potentials for the week. We saw miracles the next three days! At the end of last week we ended up with 53 numbers from people! It was insane, haha. We would be talking to people and at the end just be blown away because there is no way we could be doing it! As we prayed each time we left the house, we just told the Lord what was up and I think He was like, “Okay, thanks for trusting me. Here you go!! It has been fun. We literally had to run after some people and yes it’s heckka awkward at times but whatever!!!! 👐 So that is our fun little adventure we had the past few days.

Last night we were walking home and okay, I have a really big struggle stopping white people. I know you’re thinking, “You idiot, your white!” That’s true, but every time we tried stopping whites they just make fun of us or ignore us or mock us and walk away… We were talking to this guy who was Indian and he goes, “You’re white. What are you doing!? White people don’t believe in God”. He’s like, “Every single Caucasian person I have talked to about church or God tells me they have a car, a house and money. They don’t need God. Only insecure people need God, blah blah blah.” It was interesting to hear his experience with Caucasian people.

But anyways, we were walking home and I decided I am going to be a “BOLD EAGLE” (That’s what sister FU and I call ourselves😂). I was going to talk to white people!! I did and one actually stopped and we got his number!!! Then I met this guy and he was from Croatia!!! He’s like you won’t know where it is…actually I do! I told him I had a brother who served there. He was not very nice. He walked away mid-sentence. Soo Erik, what did you say to people? How did you stop them!!?

Anyways, good to hear from you! I love you and have a GREAT week!
Sister Koford


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