Back in Singapore

Dear Mom and Dad,


Whew, sounds like ya’ll had a good belated Christmas! Thats great that you all got to be together…and freeze together. Sounds like Stewie is back in action. I miss that kiddo! And Strat looks like a boy, what the…haha. I am way excited to have Milli officially adopted. That is way rad! I didn’t know Erik’s Grandma died. I am sorry to hear that. Sounds like it was a good service with great speakers though. How do you like 1:00 pm church? It’s different, huh!? What the…how did it get to be 2016!? We didn’t do anything really. I actually fell asleep but there was a really good fireworks show at Marina Bay. We can see it from our place, but I fell asleep so I didn’t see much.


I am back here in singapore and I am covering the 1st and 4th wards. They are expats so they are all white. Mostly Americans. Mostly Utahns. I feel like I am in a completely different mission. I have to look for white people now. Or just anyone not from Southeast Asia. It is really hard for me to talk to people now and I don’t like that. The people here in Singapore are just different. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a whole different place here and then in the expat wards, it’s even more different.  And I found out they are getting me a work permit. I’m not sure if that means I will be here a while or what. So I have to go do a bunch of stuff for that. Go to the doc and some offices. Sundays are different! It’s a ward, not a branch, so the chapel is huge! We go to 6 hours of church. We have to leave at 8 am, travel to Buankok for church at 9 am then after that, we travel back to the Newton Chapel for 1 pm church. I actually didn’t mind it yesterday. I love learning the Gospel so it went by quick. When I first walked into the 4th ward it felt really weird. Everyone had blonde hair and was white. No Asian accents and soo many kids! It was almost like I was home, but so far from it! So much so that when I went up to introduce myself and bear testimony, I introduced myself as Lindsey Koford… I felt like a big dumb idiot! Haha, “I mean I’m Sister Koford!! Woops. I didn’t make the same mistake in the First Ward, however! Ha, so lame. I have gone from zero dinner appointments to a dinner apt. every single night of the week the entire month. It’s so weird! They have a dinner calendar and it”s like a big deal if we don’t have a dinner. There are some cool people though. One of the bishopric members was bearing his testimony about how one morning he got up early to head to the skate park before it rained. He didn’t make it but learned a lesson of patients with all the red lights while riding his moto. And he didn’t make it to the skate park before it down poured on him, and you can’t skate in the rain!


Sister Fulglistaler is awesome. She is from Switzerland. She has been in the expat wards for a while now! They all love her. She goes home next transfer. But we have been pretty busy since I got here on Wednesday. I miss the Sisters I lived with. They gave me a good send off at KL Central. Then I took the train to the airport and got checked in and my luggage checked and hopped on my flight. It was like an hour late. I met some cool people waiting though. People are really nice. I got to Singapore and took an hour train ride into the city to the mission office and got with Sister Chamings and O’boyle because sister Fulglistaler was at STL meetings all day.


We had a miracle of this guy named Champ. He was someone in the formers that I called and he said he would come to church, and he actually did! So we are going to meet up with him again today! Then one of the less actives bore her testimony. She had Sister Fulglistaler go up and stand by her. It was a really big step for her!

We are going to an island today to go biking, Pulau Ubin. It should be fun!
Good to hear from you!
Love You!
Sister Koford


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