Merry Malaysian Christmas

Dear Mom and Dad,

It sounds like you all had a really great Christmas! So cool you got to skype with all those missionaries! And they were all sisters, that’s crazy, ha. It was fun to see all your smiling faces! I can’t believe Christmas is over again. Now what to look forward to!? There is too much I wanted to tell you but didn’t over skype and now you want me to tell you… ha, I don’t think I am that fast of a typer! There is just too much! I am waiting here for transfer news and everyone thinks I am for sure getting booted out of Subang this time! We will see. I have very mixed feelings about that. But if I am being honest with myself, I think it would be for the best. Like I said, it does not matter everyone always leaves. You only have yourself!


You all get the one o’clock Church schedule, haha, I have had that a few times! Wow Coop is home! Sounds like he is doing well. You are setting a pretty high bar for me there, ha; memorizing scriptures and such, ha. Just remember, I am not a talker, especially in Sacrament.

IMG_3890   IMG_3876

Christmas was one of a kind. I am so grateful I got to spend it here and with the people I did. I have learned a lot of things this Christmas. In the morning we made a little breakfast; a little frech toast with Milo and Tim Tams on top because we didn’t have syrup! Then we just opened a present we got each other. The Kanes came up and visited for a little while. We went over to the church and watched the Christmas devotional and then a member took us to lunch.


Then we went to another member’s house in KL and they made lunch and we played games. He works for them embassy so it was an actual house. I have not been in one of those my whole mission. It was huge! We ate so much food and it was all soo American and good and there was even ham!! Ham costs at least $1000 ringgit here for just a small one because, you know, they don’t eat pork. Everything has to be halal. So it was a nice treat! We got letters that day too. It was a little miracle! Someone had just flown back from Singapore and picked mail up. So I just took a second and tried to read the mail! I got the package from the YW and it was so nice! They are so sweet. But, as I took a second, I just looked around and tried to take it in. I am so lucky to be able to spend Christmas with all these other missionaries! Then, I read the letters! Dad you had me rolling in the corner with your picture of the old dude on the bike, haha. It was hilarious! Afterwards, I felt like I could roll out the door.


Then, we had an apt with a potential who remembered meeting me and I had no remembrance who she was but she wanted me to come over for Christmas! We got to the LRT and she came an picked us up. I remembered her face but it took a second to remember where I met her. She took us to her house where the entire family was! Then, we had to eat soo much bryani rice and mutton. Oh my, they kept piling it on and we were the only two eating so we had to eat. I wanted to die, ha, but they were way sweet! Overall, it was a Christmas I won’t forget! Sharing the gospel with the world! Literally, I meet people from everywhere so I feel like I do get to share it with the world. It was also really fun because at one point Sister Kai turned and said, “Now I know what Christmas is like!


Transfer news just came in.  I am going to Singapore again.  I will be split between two Ex Pat Wards, 1st and 4th.  My companion is Sister Fuglistaler, one of the STLs.  She is from Switzerland.  I lived with her for a while in Malaysia.  She is really great!

Our new senior couple are the Pattersons, Cindy and John Patterson from Casper, WY. They said they will try to keep up with the Hadleys. Also the Kanes, Daniel Kane, are also pretty cool.
Hope you have a great week! I also think the sd card has a virus again so I will have to see if I can’t send pics.


Love Sister Koford


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