Sore legs and a good day!

Dear Mom and Dad,IMG_3752
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Oh my, I almost forgot! Ha, you know, it just dosen’t really seem like it when it’s a hundred degrees outside and there is not much celebration going on! I am glad it is nice an chilly for you there! Ah snow… wouldn’t it be nice! But honestly, I wouldn’t change this for anything! I am so glad I get to spend Christmas across the world with the people of Malaysia! I have actually learned a lot this Christmas season. I want you to know how incredibly grateful I am for my savior, Jesus Christ. I am grateful for Mary and all she and Joseph did raising Him. The courage they showed before and through his life is something I look up to. I have wondered if I would have had the same courage Mary did when she was told she would bear the Son of God or the courage Joseph had when he was told his fiancé was pregnant with the Son of God! It’s incredible to think and reflect on. I am so grateful for His example He set forth for me to learn from each day. Think about it; the day He was born changed the course of the world forever! It’s amazing. There are a couple videos on you should watch. They are the best!

IMG_3703  IMG_3714

I am glad to hear everyone is doing well and safe. Dad, it is true the power of prayer is real. We often times do not realize it until after we have been blessed, but what a cool thing. I was reading a little on the Holy Ghost and knowledge this morning for personal study and it stuck out to me how much we need the Holy Ghost in our life! We should all have the desire to live our lives in harmony with the Lord; to be worthy of having the spirit because He will help us with everything! And we learn by the Holy Ghost as well. He will teach us all things!


We had a great speaker last night from BYU HI. He talked a great deal on how the Lord will deliver on his own time and how he will make what needs to happen, happen; even if it takes 35 years. He told us not to get discouraged by not having the work booming right here, right now. We are laying a foundation for something marvelous. Also, as Latter Day Saints, we have so much to rejoice over this time of year! I agree.
This past week we had one day where Sister Kaitaua wanted to go to Ipoh in another state to watch the baptism of some people she found and taught. Well, we got permission from President to get a train ticket and go. We were planning to stay one night and come back right after the baptism. The next morning we went to get our tickets and there were none. We did everything we knew how to get one or find a bus that would get us there. Nothing. I felt really bad because I know how much this meant to Sister Kaitaua. But while we were waiting and brainstorming ideas on how to get to Ipoh, we got a call from the office. It was a HQ referral! “Maybe that is why we shouldn’t go”, we thought. We had a rough rest of the day! We got home called some people and got yelled at a little more.


Then we decided to call the HQ referral. We thought, “Okay, at least this person wants to listen. He referred himself”. Turns out he didn’t want to listen at all. I was talking to him on the phone and he thought I sounded like an Indian and just was being rude. I told him ‘no, we will come and bring you your bible that you wanted, blah, blah and he hung up. Good thing we had his address! I was like, “That’s it we’re going to his house! So, we made the journey out to his house. We walked so much that day! Ha, my legs were shaking when we finally found his house. We knocked and there he was wearing his lil sarong. He goes, “I told you not to come”!! I said, “Too bad. I have your Bible here, sir, (I had a Book of Mormon on top).” He came out and told us he just had some to drink and we can’t come in because he stinks. Ha, okay, whatever sir. So we just chatted through the gate. He saw the Book of Mormon and said, “Yo. I’m interested in that little one on top”. So I had the opportunity to tell him why the Book of Mormon is important to me and bear my testimony. Then I asked him if we could pray with him right there. He agreed so I prayed and when we were done he just stood there. He looked teary eyed. And, well, let me just tell you, it was a good day after that. My feet didn’t hurt and I was able to get some curry for dinner and life was good. We even caught a bus home. Ha, I wish I had more time to tell you about it. Just know it was cool! We had lots of other cool miracles as well

You’re the best. I love you!!
Your daughter, Sister Koford


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