Seek No Further!

Dec 13 at 9:43 PM
Dear mother and father,

Thanks for the email. Sounds like you are all doing alright, that’s what I like to hear. I sure am going to miss the Hadleys as well. Ha, picture that Elder Hadley took was at the baptism for the PJ Elders. I had to talk on the Holy Ghost. Then yesterday, I had to talk in Sacrament again so that was fun. It was on the talk “Turn to Him”, I think I told you last week. But it was good to study about. Kind of ironic I thought that I got that subject.


And yesterday was the best day! Literally all day just miracle after miracle. We had correlation in the morning and we were going to be late walking to the church. But when we got in the lift, this sweet older couple we see every morning was in there and they were wondering where we were going so we told them and they said they would give us a lift. So we got a ride to church and didn’t have to be sweaty when we got there. Even though we didn’t have correlation, I didn’t care; we got a ride, ha! Then after church this lady from Sabah came and had traveled like 4 hours by train and bus to get there! She hadn’t been to church in a long time but felt like she needed to come.


Then we had an appt. with Oliver out in Damansara at a mall. On the way there I sat next to this really nice lady on the bus. We were chatting a bit and she was really shy but I asked her if she was religious and she goes, “No, I’m not really. I guess I’m just seeking, I’m a seeker.” HA, I was like😱 oh lady, SEEK NO FURTHER!! 😁 Then, I just chatted with her a bit more. Come to find out she enjoys reading! Then the bus stopped and she realized it was her stop and ran off… So we just went and had a really solid lesson with Oliver! We just read through 2 Nephi 31 with him and explained it. Even though we had to sit and wait for over an hour for him to get there the lesson made up for it! He seems to really be understanding.


Then we jalan jalaned to the non-existent bus stop that we made into our own bus stop on the side of the road through this forest (which we spotted a giant monster in the lake in there). We got on the bus and headed back home. It was pretty crowded. But we were just going along when out of no where that same lady I was talking to got on the very same bus we did!! I was freaking out. I knew I needed to give her the Book of Mormon! We just kept going and you know it was crowded; I was at one end she was at the other but we did smile at each other. I knew I had to make my way back there even though everyone stares at me anyways. I didn’t want to make a huge scene going all the way back…excuse me excuse me. So I just stood there and kept getting the spirit whalopping me go and talk to her!!!!! I was like 😰. “I can’t do it”, #awkward. But I did it and we had a great conversation. I gave her the book and she was like, “😂 really, are you sure, your copy”?? I explained how much the book meant to me and I just wanted it to be an early Christmas gift for her. She was like, “Are you sure? Do you have another copy”? I was like 😏, “Lady, I got copies! Don’t even worry about that. You just read this one and call me when you want to be baptized”. Then it was our stop. I had to just say have a nice day now, ya hear ;). It was literally so cool. But that was my day yesterday and pretty much every other epic day last week.

IMG_3653  IMG_3564

But Milyon getting officially adopted makes me SOOOOOO excited! wahooooooooooooooo that will be way rad.

IMG_3578  IMG_3644

As for the rain, most of the streets flood. It’s LAME because traffic is ridiculously slow as it is.

Not sure on the pics today because the computers are being a pain in the neck!

I love you!
Sister Koford


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