A security guard escort.

Dec 6 at 9:25 PM
Dear Ibu dan bapa,
This week was stellar. I have been thinking about all the things I want to tell you each day. I just go, “Oh, I have to tell them about this”, which amounted to a lot this week.  But I doubt I will remember or have time to tell you it all. Oh, and I have to give a talk next week on Turn To Him and Answers Will Come by Elder James Martino! You should help me out! 😉
And thank you for the pictures. You are all so good looking. Wow, it’s nice and refreshing to see everybody! Kate, you cut your hair!!! Dang, girl, you are sexy, haha! I thought I would be getting a lot more post surgery selfies of you and Mom lying in your recovery beds! Apa haul! But I am really glad everything went well!  I just pray that it will continue!


My goodness the world is just nuts! People just need to stay in their own country unless it’s to preach the good word, haha! Seriously sad about that though! All we can do is stick close to the gospel and live the commandments like we have been asked to do!

Wow, Stewie is there!! 😀

I really enjoyed that talk by Elder Hales. I will for sure go read it again. We got the Ensign this week so I can go through and read them all. That is my favorite thing to do…and highlight what I like.

This week the STL Sisters came back from Singapore from MLC and they brought birthday and Christmas packages. You guys killed it, haha, thank you! It really means a lot. I also got 5 letters from Dad! 🙂 Everyone is always so jealous and think the best of you Dad! I had to stay up reading them and it just brought a smile to my face!


This week we were able to have a good fast and testimony Sunday. It is raining pretty much everyday here now and when it rains, most of the streets flood. We were able to have a really good lesson with a couple people this week. One was with Oliver, who really understands what we are teaching him and loves to learn. Then another with Alex who is an inspiration to me. He is having bad leg pain but still makes the journey to church and to meet with us, despite it all! He also wants to be baptized but he is worried about not having his family there. I told him we are his family, so it’s fine, ha!


Yesterday we were going to look for a less active and we found the flats that the address was at so we went there and turns out she dosen’t live there…shocker, ha. So we decided to just knock around that area. So, we had knocked for a while and people were just like, “What do you want? Go away we’re Muslim!”. I know some of them were lying! They were so Chinese…a Christmas tree, Chinese symbols and even a jade bracelet! That little auntie was flippin’ Chinese but was like, “Me Muslim, go away”. Well, we continued our journey and then nick minuet the elevator opens and these security guards come screechin’ around the corner. “What are you doing here!? Giving us a little interrogation”? I was like, “I’m just looking for our friend, lah”! At this point the guard was not a happy camper and was not buying my Nepal language I was spouting out. Come to find out, the really angry one was from India, not Nepal, haha. Of course I couldn’t impress him with it! Then he’s, “All come with me.. what’s the address, who is it” ( I had forgotten to write the name down, #woopsies.) We were on floor 10 and the address was on floor 13. I played like, “Oh goodness, I didn’t realize we were on floor 10, my bad”. So he pushes the elevator to go to 13 and I was like, “No, we’ve already been there. They don’t live there, haha”. I was killin myself! It was just too funny. So after that, they escorted us out. Then they made us sit there and try calling them to come and get us but we didn’t even have the number because it doesn’t work. So we just chilled. I tried talking to him some more but he just was like, “I am the supervisor here, blah blah, you’re from the Church, huh”? I was like, “Yep, I’m a missionary.” He said, “Well, I’m Sing. I was like..”And, then..” Nah, I was nice. Then we left. It was pretty exiting

IMG_3537  IMG_3543

This week we had a mini zone conf. with President and Sister Simmons. They came and we had a full day of Christmas things. It was pretty fun! They are just so great. The next day we got to do interviews! I love interviews! President is probably like, “Not her again. She chats your ear off”. So, I get in there and it’s like talking to a parent, almost. I just like to talk. And I think I might talk too much, but I just like to chat! I just want to sit and talk for hours! It’s just so nice to talk about life and just literally whatever! So, I think I talk a lot, haha, woopsies.


This week we were knocking in a different place…where we didn’t get kicked out! We hiked to the top level because they don’t have elevators. So, we were just walking by a flat and the door was open and a girl was lying on the couch. We stopped to chat and she let us in. She is Hindu and her Grandma is Christian but she couldn’t speak English, only Tamil. We were able to chat with the girl (who is 17) for a bit and she was saying how her sister died a month ago and her Dad a few years ago. But when we were talking about the Plan of Salvation and God, she did not want to hear it. She is so bitter toward it all because, in her mind, no prayers worked for her sister and she just did not want to hear it. She didn’t even want us to pray, but, we did anyways. Then she showed us a picture of her sister and she just sat there. Then, I felt impressed to tell her and bear testimony that she will see her Dad again. I couldn’t help but cry for her for a second. It was sad. We’re gonna go back to give the Grandma a pamphlet next week. I think the key will be working with her Grandma through the girl as a translator.


And then the other day we were going to a potentials flat for a lesson which is located on the 13th floor and the lift was broken. I went from gagging to dryheaving over the edge of the stair well because of the smell of urine and just plain filth. It just kept getting worse. I don’t understand how people can live in such places. It’s so sad!
And we met with this Nepal guy at his restaurant. We had the whole restaurant listening to us. Hah. They were all so curious! It was pretty funny!

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week and enjoy the snow! I love you!!

Sister Koford


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