Teaching in Mandarin

Nov 8 at 9:08 PM

Dear Mom and Dad,

IMG_3104   IMG_3097

Well sounds like ya’ll had a crazy week! That is so sad to hear about Val! I will keep him in my prayers! And what’s up with your back??  Better take it slow and get it taken care of!  Goodness, that is a let down to have to wait for their batptism in your ward!  I’m really jealous of the weather there.  I bet it would be nice to work out in and the snow, ahh, it’s killing me.  Yeah, the Hadleys are the best, haha.  They threw me an early birthday party, I guess.  They are so funny. He made me some of his homemade ice cream which was hecka good, ha.  I ate way too much!  How is grandpa and grandma doing?

IMG_3074  IMG_3079

This week was pretty good!  We got to teach our investigator from China.  His name is Lee.  He is doing so well.  He came to the baptism on Saturday and when the lady was baptized he turned to us and was like, “So can I do this next week”!  His broken English is the best, haha.  So he is set up for next Sunday to be baptized.  We just need to finish teaching the lessons!  We have been teaching more in Mandarin than Bahasa lately because that is all the people we can find, haha.  And with sister Chua here, it works out!  She is such a great missionary already!  It’s hilarious to hear here try and talk like us.  She picks up on certain phrases and then repeats them randomly.  It’s so funny!  One of the hard parts is not being able to baptize refugees.  Dang, this week we found out that half or more of our investigator pool are refugees. They are the most prepared.  One guy has told us twice that he knows for a fact that the Mormon religion is true. And, I believe him when he says it.  I have seen the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets; he marks them up and clarifies everything with us. Partly because he can’t have a legal job so he dosen’t have anything else to do!  Its’ seriously lame, ha.  Whatever.  We will have to find some new people. We did another member MTC and the branch loves it!  Reuben is the best.  He always knows just what the branch needs.  I am just lucky enough to be there to help in whatever way I can!

IMG_3086  IMG_3090


Sister Koford


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