Zone Conference in Singapore

Nov 1 at 8:05 PM

Dear Mom and Dad,

IMG_2945  IMG_2962

Wow sounds like you had a pretty entertaining week! Dad you better take care of your back! And mom you just keep working on the biking skills.  You’ll get there! 🙂 Dont give up!!  What the heck, investigators in our Ward!  Thats great!

IMG_3030  IMG_2970

Anywhoo, this week was pretty chill.  Zone conference was pretty great.  There was a lot on receiving revelation and that is something I have been really thinking I need to do better on.  I just sometimes struggle recognizing it.  Sister Strong and Archi joined us at Zone Conference via the ipad since they wouldn’t let Sister Archibald back into Singapore.  I love zone conference because it’s a time when I can reflect on the things I have been doing the past three months and get better ideas and motivation to get back out there and work hard.  When we got back, we had district conference this weekend and that was pretty good as well.  There was a lot on how to work better with the branch council and strengthening our families.

IMG_2961  IMG_2979

We had an investigator, Lee, come to Church this Sunday.  He is from China and his English is not that great, but he’s working on it.  Man, he is so humble and teaches me so much.  They say be like a child, submissive and meek.  He is just that.  He prayed for the second time ever yesterday and his prayers are just precious!  I will be SO upset if I get moved before he gets baptized!!
IMG_3001  IMG_2997  IMG_2946

THE SKY IS FINALLY MOSTLY BLUE!!!!! 😀  Holy cow, it feels like I came out of a cave or something.  The other day when I was showering I looked out the window and it was blue.  Kind of like in spring or summer when it’s just refreshing to look outside.  Yep, it now feels like it’s summer.  Ah, it’s so nice!  We are still in a threesome.  I love it but sometimes you never know who is going to talk next or where someone is going to go with the discussion, ha.  But it is nice having a native to correct my Malay!

IMG_2943   IMG_2967

Love you guys!

Sister Koford


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