The Spirit directs…even on the train!

Oct 25 at 10:44 PM

Dear Mom and Dad,
Happy Halloween to you as well.

I made it to Singapore again!  The flight was really good and I was seated next to all these fellows from India!  We couldn’t really communicate that well but we did our best!  I plugged one of my usb’s in to the screen and was looking at pictures and the dude right next to me was so funny.  The screens are darkened so the person next to you can’t really see what is going on but he wanted to see so he dang near had his head laid on my shoulder the whole time.  It was so funny!  He kept tilting the screen to see better then asking me who and ohh cows!!  Ha, so funny! Then, near the end, he pulled out some India money and was showing me, then gave me 50 ruppia!  Ha, so I gave him a $1 usd.  He was showing all his buddies and they were so amazed it was hilarious!  They were really nice.  So the flight was pretty much the best thing ever!

IMG_2924  IMG_2916

Oh my gosh, we got up in the air and the sky was blue!  You have NO NO idea how refreshing it was to see that.  The sky was bright blue and the clouds were white.  Oh man, it was like heaven. Open space and a big blue sky!  I just wanted to be out there!  I haven’t seen the sky in like two or three months!  Just a nasty dark smoggy haze.

Let’s see, this week was meh.  Both my companions were sick and not a single day worked out even slightly how we planned. Ha, that is okay though!!  We didn’t cease to see miracles!!  The day Sister Kershisnik was sick with a fever all day, one of our investigators, Anil, from Nepal, called us.  He is one of our guards and wanted us to come teach him.  It was just downstairs so Sister Kershisnik and I went and taught him.  They never call and ask us to come teach them, so we decided to take advantage of it!  Then, because Sister Chua is here and can speak Mandarin and Malay, we have found some pretty great investigators and have been able to start working with a part member family.  One day we went out and every single appointment cancelled.  And then, the people who you know are for sure going to be at work so you can drop by for a visit were not there either.  We had one more appointment for the night and sure enough he cancelled when we got there.  But he was on his way home on the train and we also had to take the train home. So we get to the train station and a train was coming from the direction he would most likely be coming.  I was determined to not go home without teaching this guy!  But, sure enough, he was not on it!  So we got on our train and I just thought, “Heavenly Father we did everything I know to do today, like apa haul!  Ha, I know you will let me teach this guy”!  Then, the doors for our train dinged and one last train from Samuel direction came.  I was like, “Even though this train is long and the chance of him being in the car across from ours isn’t likely, if we are supposed to teach him, he will be on it”!  So, the doors ding and the doors on the other train opened.  We were looking for Sam and we found him!  He was on the train.  We ran out of our train waving and tracked him down and got to talk for just a bit because it was time to go home for the night.  I knew he was going to be on that train and he was!

IMG_2917  IMG_2918

Saturday night Sister Chua had an eye infection that wasn’t going away.  Then it started to bleed. We took her to the emergency room and waited and waited …and waited, haha.  But don’t worry, we got it taken care of!  We might be going to see a specialist in the next few days if it dosen’t go away.  The docs in Malaysia didn’t know if it was an infection and just put some antibiotic goop in it.  They told her, “If you get fever, that no good”.  She is a trooper!  Such a great missionary too; she’s fearless with teaching.  We get to go to the doctor here in Singapore for Sister Kershisnik’s gums.  They have turned blue, kind of like they are bruised.  It has been like that for a bit and is not going away.  We will get that all sorted out today.  Hopefully, after emailing, we still have a little time to go do something for p-day here in Singapore.  Possibly go see the Murlion or something before we have to go to the hospital! 🙂

IMG_2919  IMG_2928

We were able to do a little service project at an orphanage type of place.  That was pretty fun!  Man those kiddos are So humble and adorable!  I could talk to them for days!  So respectful!

Wow, Spency is awesome.  I am always impressed with that kid!  He’s great!  That is so cool there is actually missionary work going on in Amalga!!!  I’m stoked.

I have so much to do here today, ha.  The STL’s didn’t come because Sister Archibald got chopped.  They say her Visa has been stamped too many times so they won’t let her back in to Singapore.  So, Sister Strong stayed with her in Malaysia.  So I get to do all the things they needed to do here!

IMG_2929  IMG_2930

I hope you all have a fantastic week!  Saya Sayang Kamu!!! ❤

Sister Koford

Sister Koford


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