…and then there were three!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well, this week was pretty good.  I am now training two sisters!  After zone meeting on Tuesday, I got a call from President Simmons telling me about my new companion and that I would pick her up the next morning.  So that’s what I did!  Her name is Sister Chua.  She is from Sibu, East Malaysia.  It is in Sarawak.  She is half Chinese and half Philippino, so she speaks Chinese, Malay and English!  She is the best!!!  She is waiting for her visa.  She has been called to the Temple Square Mission.  She has not been to the temple or the MTC yet!  I really got a fresh one!  Our training hour is pretty entertaining, haha.  I get to try and do an 8 week training mixed with a 1 week training!  Sister Chua is so cute though.  She is not afraid to help out and offer ideas, which is good!  She comes by it rightfully since she has already had to be a missionary back in East Malaysia helping the branch there.  It is definitely different with a non-American companion.  But all is well.

IMG_2909  IMG_2895

Sister Kershisnik is doing awesome!  I am trying to let her take control a little. So it’s awesome to see her growth. She is a great missionary.

This week, however, we just did the same old chuggin’ along.  We are teaching in Malay more and it’s wonderful.  Yesterday we traveled for like two or more hours to an apt. out in Kepong to this sweet member who has been great at giving us Malay investigators.  So we went to meet with a couple we have been working with but they didn’t seem to exist when we got there, ha!  So, we went to Sister Florida’s for dinner.  She had a friend over for dinner and we decided to teach her.  She seems really interested and even accepted to be baptized in November!  She only speaks Malay so that was fun.

IMG_2886  IMG_2888  IMG_2887

We also met with this fellow from Mianmar who was really interested.  There seems to be a ton of people from Mianmar living in Kepong. Unfortunately, he is a refugee so he can’t get baptized.  We can only teach for service hours… 😦  He was so great though.  He had marked up the pamphlets we gave him and all!  Every paragreaph he would read he would stop and clarify. It was great.

IMG_2890  IMG_2891

Oh, I got your letter with President Packer’s quotes in it! 🙂  They were awesome!

We always see miracles, but this week a couple of the less actives in our Branch decided to meet with us!  Nobody has been able to meet with them for so long.  I really hope we can just go slow with them and bring them back! 🙂

This morning in studies I was reading about and comparing Christ’s Sermon on the Mount and His sermon at the temple.  I love to study the Gospel everyday.

IMG_2904   IMG_2914

Sounds like you all had a pretty good week, and what the crap is Amalga coming to! Stabbings at the park???  Somebody better throwdown!! 🙂

Have a great week. Says sayong kamu!!!!!

Sister Koford


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