Conference Lessons and Lessons in Malay

Dear Mom and Dad,

Howdy partners (aisan accent), I Am dying over those two Mavie experiences!!  Oh, how I wish I could be there with him.  Hecka funny!  And, so cool; he is going to be the radest preisthood holder around! 🙂  Oh, yes, and a birthday shout out to my amazing, gorgeous sister Kate!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  I hope you have a fantastic day and get lots of kisses! 🙂  I love you Katers! 🙂

IMG_2842  IMG_2861  IMG_2733

Sounds like your guy’s week was pretty good.  Wow, two new investigators in our little town!?  Right on!  It’s good to hear there is still work to do in the little kota of Amalga!

DANG, wasn’t conference great!!  I learned so stinking much!  Half way through Saturday I was feeling quite overwhelmed.  I just thought of all the things I wanted to do and improve on!  There is so much! And yes, Dad, I do agree with you.  Elder Uchdorf’s talk was what I needed to hear!  Simplicity and the basics are key.  I really struggle keeping it simple and not overwhelming myself when I get excited about something, haha!  One thing I really took away from Elder Uchdorf’s talk was to start where you are!  It does not matter how old or young how much you know or don’t.  It doesn’t matter how much you don’t think you know or have maybe missed out on, start where you are and as you have righteous desires the Lord will help you…if you are willing to act!

IMG_2807  IMG_2824

Girls can dig holes too, haha!  Elder Allen D. Hayne was talking about the story of digging a hole and getting completely filthy.  It reminded me of my childhood and how many times Tre, Wade and I would do things like that or just be doing something and nick minuet come back just filthified, haha.  But his talk on repentance was spot on!  People just understand the Atonement that Christ made for each and every one of us and how much his love will never change for us NO MATTER what!  Change is what repentance is all about and as we are willing to change and become better we are fully supported by our Savior!

IMG_2836  IMG_2838

Then, the Sabbath.  That is something I want to work on.  Understanding that it is a holy day and we should have the entire day centered on Christ.  The Sacrament should be a lot more meaningful than we sometimes make it.  A time to reflect on ourselves, the covenants we have made and living worthy of having the Holy Ghost with us!  It’s something we don’t usually think about throughout the day, but we should.  As we live the gospel and understand it better, we will be able to have the Spirit with us and be able to be molded into who God wants us to be.  As I have been praying for guidance to be molded into who God needs me to be, I feel like this Conference was extremely focused on that for me, or at least I got a lot of good ideas on how to do that.  I still need to go back a study the talks so I can better apply them in my life!  I would love nothing more than to be able to become the kind of woman those men were talking about.

IMG_2869  IMG_2875

I also got that we need to ask God for things but in asking, don’t ask for things that you are not willing to act on!  Being humble and submitting your will to the Fathers is a key.  Truly being willing to act on the answers you receive will allow you to live up to your potential.

Also, I got a lot on being prepared!!  And I realized I have a lot of responsibility! Whew.  There is power in knowledge.  Get a good education!  Also being prepared to raise a family.

I learned it is important to spend time with yourself after praying and listen what the spirit prompts you to do!  I sure wish I had time to do that here, ha.  I look forward to being able to spend some time meditating!

IMG_2845  IMG_2844

How about the role of womanhood!  Dang, I loved hearing all about how to become a better woman.  I sure hope to adapt some of the things mentioned.  And, Elder Holland’s talk really made me understand how sacred being a mother is!  I am incredibly thankful and grateful for the amazing, beautiful mother I was so blessed to come to this mortal life to!  Wow, I can’t believe how much Elder Holland described my mother.  She is truly Christlike.  It also got me a little nervous to be a mother.  What a wonderful, wonderful calling it is!

I hope one day I can become one of those covenant keeping women described by Elder Nielson!  I would love nothing more.  The journey to get there is not always going to be pretty, but in the end, as we look at the eternal perspective of things how those little choices make the future.  So, we need to start now no matter what doubts we have, we need to get rid of them and have faith in what God can do with you. Believing and hoping for a better future.  “Remember the times the spirit has witnessed or touched you… can you feel so now?” I love that!  And, being that light to help light other’s light!  It brought a tear to my eye as President Monson spoke!  I can’t help but know with all surety of my heart that this Church is true and that Christ lives!  I am so grateful for the living prophet on the earth today!!

IMG_2732  IMG_2839

I really hope I can watch the Relief Society session one of these days.  They don’t seem to make it much of a priority here.  Not sure why, but I want to see it.

It’s really cool to see all the inspiration I can receive for others as well the whole time I was just thinking how much I wanted to share the talks with different investigators and people.  I want more than anything for people to know the things I do and understand how divine their life here on earth is….how much potential they have!  By the end of the two days, I was literally exhausted!  I don’t know why, but I just was drained!

Oh guess what?  I taught my first lesson in Malay the other day!  Oh boy, it was fun and I have a long way to go!  But, the past few nights I have dreamed in Bahasa, haha.  It is strange but kinda fun.  We have a few investigators who only speak bahasa so I trust that the Lord will loose my tongue!  Ah, it’s actually frightening to do.  But my companion is a great help.  I am so thankful for her!  She is so patient with me! Thank goodness.

IMG_2863  IMG_2879

We went to an appointment and the member who really only speaks Malay is like, “Come”, so we went with her.  She owns a hair place and the communication was not the greatest and the investigators were not there yet.  She’s all, “Never mind, we cut hair” :).  I’m all, “No, no, let’s not do that”!  So, she just washed our hair instead!  It was so nice.

It was real rainy yesterday and started to flood a little.  The thunder rattled your bones!

It was the best week for appointments we have had yet!  I don’t know what we are doing to have the Lord love us so much, but I want to keep doing whatever it is!

Hope you all have the greatest week ever!

Saya Sayang kamu!!!!!!


Sister Koford


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