Elephants and Investigators

Today at 4:22 AM

Dear Mom and Dad,

IMG_2667  IMG_2690  IMG_2626

I super jealous yall got to watch General Conference this past week!  I can’t wait for it to be my turn this next week and I think I am going to have to go to a member’s house to see the Women’s Session because they have not said anything about it. That is one thing I love about being out here.  Conference is so much more special than it ever has been to me (#slackeriknow).  But I am stoked to get to watch it.

IMG_2670  IMG_2616

Dad you just missed going in there haven’t ya!  Hah, no that is no good to hear about your back. What is wrong with it??  I hope you get it all taken care of and don’t have surgery.  I will be praying for you!

IMG_2658  IMG_2645

I love hearing all about what everyone is up to! 🙂  Sounds like they are all doing very well.  It makes me so happy to hear my lil Stewie likes his own room!!! 🙂  What a stud.  Is Jackalope still adjusting alright to having Kaderz gone?

IMG_2704  IMG_2705

Yep, it was transfers today.  Schnikki and I are staying together.  I am okay with it because I get to stay in Subang for another go round! 🙂

IMG_2717  IMG_2708

This letter is a little later than usual.  It’s like, what, 4am for you or something?  It’s 6pm here. The senior couples took us to an elephant reserve today a couple hours away so we went on a little road trip!  It was way fun.  We got to get in the river and bathe the elephants!!  It was rad!! I was really bummed you didn’t answer the phone when Elder Hadley called, haha.  I think I would have said, “Hey”, but it’s alright anyways!

IMG_2654  IMG_2669

This past week was pretty good. We went on exchanges and Sister Strong and I met this fellow named Casper.  When I left the lesson I felt like, dang, I just need to know some more stuff.  And, oh, that is what it is like teaching someone who Fahams! Haha, nah, he is a Catholic and during the lesson we got to the apostasy and he was saying like, “Go ahead tell me what you want but there never could have been or could be an apostasy because John never died”.  I was all sorts of confused.  I didn’t realize that all of Christ’s apostles didn’t die!  I have been trying to study up on that and man, Catholicism is really not easy to understand!  The Jesus the Christ book is really great resource!

IMG_2679  IMG_2677

We met with our Indian kiddos and taught them “Follow the Prophet” song and we made actions to it with them.  It was quite hilarious!  We are getting some new investigators who only speak Malay so this will be really fun!

IMG_2682  IMG_2683

It was another insane day at Church!  I have not had investigators come to Church until the past two weeks and then all these potentials just came.  I’m glad they came although it just was so insane because they were trying to find the little shop lot where the church is located and it was just crazy!  Also, Gospel Principals class has been taught in all Malay!  It was rad!  I really enjoyed it actually 🙂

IMG_2664  IMG_2632  IMG_2653

I can’t remember much else.  It’s later than usual and I have lots to do still!  The haze is still bad but the temps have been lots lower because the sun can’t shine, haha

Hope you have a good week!  Love you lots!


Sister Koford


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