Golden Investigator!

Note:  Apparently she got another computer virus that won’t allow her to upload pictures.  Darn internet cafes.

Dear Wedding crashers!

Thank you for the email! I hope you have all made it home safely! I have been praying for you! I hope all is well and you will have a little time to decompress now! It sounds like the wedding was really nice. The pictures were great you all looked so good! I am sure you rocked it Dad!

2015-09-01 12.47.58

This week went pretty good I suppose!  Training is just something you gotta get used to, ha :).  It’s so wonderful!

This week was fine although we didn’t have much success with our numbers except for yesterday. Everyone we went to see bailed on us or cancelled, but never mind that, it was still a good week and we were able to do a lot of tracting!  We were able to do another Member MTC on Saturday and apparently everyone loved it, ha.  Like 6 people in a row got up and bore their testimony of how pumped they were and how everyone needs to come to the next one because it was so good.  I was kind of squirming in my seat thinking this is not a testimony, but I’m glad ya liked it though, haha!  Man, I really love the members of the Subang Branch.  They are all so wonderful!!  They are great at missionary work!

Because of Sister Karen we were able to get a new investigator yesterday.  She was a potential when she came to church and she left church with a baptismal date!  Man, I love Fast Sundays and the opportunity we have to be able to feel that special spirit so strong.  I have no doubt the Lord blessed her with a desire to come to church.  I also am so thankful for Fast Sunday because when we were teaching her, we were able to be more receptive to the spirit.

So, I have been reading in Alma and I came across chapter 26 again.  This time it really stuck out to me. You will have to read it.  It is so good!  I really loved how Ammon was not afraid to boast in the Lord and how much he recognized the fact that the Lord had blessed them so much!  We need to be more like Ammon!  Also, the last 3 lines of vs 36 really stuck out to me!!!  It is so true!

I am not sure about pics again.  This computer must be infected.  I will see what I can do!

Thank you so much for all you do for me Mom and Dad!  I love you!!

Sister Koford


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