Welcome, Sister Kershisnik!

Dear Mom and Dad,

IMG_2411  IMG_2410

Sounds like your week was pretty good. Sounds like you are getting ready for the wedding.  Tell Kate I’m so happy for her. Tell her good luck and that I love her so much!  If you can, have someone record it.  I really want to be there!!!  School started already, huh, that is crazy but good on ya.  Isn’t Ellie and Bethy’s birthday coming up pretty quick!  Please tell them happy birthday for me and that I love em!

IMG_2290  IMG_2330

Yep, I am the proud trainer Mom of a wonderful young lady!  Her name is Sister Kershisnik.  She is from Farminton, UT.  Her name is Slovenian; maybe Erik would know.  She is wonderful! A very prepared missionary.  It is different and a change for me that is for sure.  But, it will be good.  I hope I can be a good intro for her mission!  She is going to be a great missionary!  She is Malay speaking.  There was only two Sisters that came in with about 20 other Elders.  I talked to my Mission President about me training a Malay speaking Sister and he said that was a concern for him as well.  But, he told me to do language study as well and see if I can’t learn and if I get good enough he might switch me to Malay.  We have 4 hours of study so it’s kind of a lot but that’s okay.  We will do it!


This week I saw some miracles.  We sent one of our branch members back to Ghana.  Sad to see him go.  He was such a great dude!  And one of the less actives we have been working with is moving back to KK in East Malaysia so that’s a bummer.  We were doing so well with her.  Her half Nigerian baby is the sweetest thing!  As we were waiting at the bus stop to go see her one day, we were also following up with a member.  It just so happened that the member was also going to see Sally so she came and picked us up and took us to lunch.  So that was a nice little miracle.

IMG_2374  IMG_2334

We have survived the Malaysian rallies so far!  We just try to avoid those areas.  Today is Merdeka Day, woo the Malaysian holiday.  So hopefully we will get to go do something Malaysian.  There is a bunch of traditional dancing going on so maybe we will get to go see them!  I hope!

IMG_2431 IMG_2433

Last Monday we went to the zoo and it rained the whole time.  It was real wet but we got to see some cool animals.

IMG_2434  IMG_2400  IMG_2422  IMG_2396

I love you!!

Love Sister Koford!!!


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