She’s going to be a Mom!!

Aug 23 at 10:23 PM


How are ya’ll!??  Sounds like you guys had a good week! I can’t believe Kaden’s farwell was this week.  Man, he’s gonna be home before we know it!  I am stoked for him.  He is going to be the most amazing missionary ever!  I can just see him out there rockin it!

IMG_2218   IMG_2223

Good to hear more details on the wedding! I am really excited for her! I have been meaning to get a card written.  I just dont have that much time!  I will, dont worry.   Birthday partys…woop woop! 🙂  Sounds like ya’ll had a good time!

IMG_2251  IMG_2252

On the home front here not much has changed.  It is transfer day so we will find out in a few minutes what is going to happen.  Except, I think we got a spoiler!  Sister Chamings is probably going back to Singapore because she got a work permit email 😦 dang it!!  There are 21 (2 Sisters/19 Elders) new missionaries coming in!!! Haha….I am nervous if I get called to train!!

….This is what she found out later in the email….. I am training!….I am staying here as well.  Man, there are 21 new missionaries and 2 sisters and I am training one of them!  Ay, oh, hahah.  NEVERMIND, ITS GONNA BE AWESOMEEEEE! 🙂  That just means I am going to be going to Singapore to pick her up!

IMG_2262  IMG_2279

It’s pretty chill here.  Not a ton has been going on!!  I am getting a little antsy.  We need new investigators!!  We met with one of our investigators (Johnson) him the other day and we thought he was not progressing because he still won’t come to church and he likes to try and debate with us a bit.  We got him a French Book of Mormon and he said he has read a good chunk of it.  He didn’t quite understand why Nephi killed Laban.  Also, he told us he quit drinking tea.  Well, he once told us he was going to quit and then when he wanted a drink he thought of what we told him so he didn’t.  But he was a bit pouty about it because he was tired the rest of the day.  But I was proud of the fella!

IMG_2287  IMG_2288

We had a district talent show on Saturday.  It was good but very long!!  It was fun to see all the different cultures and all the fun singing and dancing, and we have it all in our Church.  That is the coolest part!

IMG_2213  IMG_2217

I forgot my planner at the flat or I could tell you some more fun stories.  They will just have to wait for letters I guess!

As I have been studying in Alma and studying about Ammon and King Lamoni, I am just so amazed at how powerful the spirit of the Lord can be.  What an amazing missionary and solid dude!  And when King Lamoni stands up to his father, how hard that would be?  But seeing what strength the Lord can give you in that type of situation…so cool.

IMG_2222  IMG_2281

Then as I have been studying D&C.  I was reading in section 50 today and I loved vs 13-24!  It is a good reminder for everyone that we are to teach by the spirit and then I was thinking how much more we need to be worthy of having that spirit with us to be able to teach those around us!  Then as I read verses 41-46, I was comforted again how much my Savior knows and loves me as an individual!

Last night we made cookies for this lady that Sister Chamings and I met in the elevator.  She is lonely and has been living there for 15 years, alone.  So, we decided we needed to pay her a visit. We took the other Sisters with us because she would be in their area if she wants to learn.  We went up to the 10th floor and she was so happy to see us.  She welcomed us in and we chatted for a bit.  Her name is Pink.  She is a Chindian and Buddhist and a really nice lady.  We just talked and when we got ready to leave, we wanted to say a prayer with her.  We asked and she said, no, she is a Buddhist and not ready for that.  We told her one of us will say it and we just listened and kind of explained prayer to her a bit.  She said, “Okay”.  After we were finished we were just quiet and she was like, “Woah, I feel something like there is an energy in me or something. :D…right, right, haha!!  I was just smiling soo hard, like, “yes, yes, yes”!!  We explained what that was and why she felt special.  We left her with that feeling and something to wonder about, hopefully.  Before we left she just kept staring at us with like real intent.  She told us there was something about each one of us….we were just all so sincere.  She said, “How do I be like that?  How can I be like that”??  Ah, she was so cool!  I was wondering why she was like staring through my soul the whole time, haha.  She is so great and wants to help us hold a class at our flat!

Anyhoosers, I love you guys like an Indian loves a banana leaf 🙂

Sista Lou


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