Ups and Downs

Hello Everybody 🙂

IMG_2114  IMG_2202

Wow, sounds like you had a great week!  Man,Mom I’m impressed you went on the shore line trail.  It’s awesome, right?  You need to keep doing it with Dad so we can all go!  I am glad you had a good birthday!  And, wow, your SLC tour of the cemetery and welfare transportation building sounds like it was awesome.  I would have loved to see that! The Church is amazing that is for sure.  That just makes me want to pay my tithing even more.  I love this Church so much.

IMG_2106  IMG_2108

This week had its ups and downs.  We are really going to try hard this week to find new investigators.  Nobody is progressing.  Worst day of the week was Friday morning!  We were confirming appointments with Smit and he told us he didn’t want to meet with us anymore because last time he got embarrassed when I told him we would have to meet him on the curb instead of going up in his shop because we didn’t have a female member present.  I felt terrible, but I couldn’t do anything about it.  So we sent him to the Elders because his baptismal date was this coming Saturday…

IMG_2137  IMG_2111

Had to say goodbye to Sister Fonbuena and Nixon last Tuesday.  Man, I loved those girls!  We are living with Sister Strong now and she is awesome!!  I love her 🙂  We get along real well.

IMG_2158  IMG_2121

We had a way frustrating lesson with Johnson, the investigator from the Ivory Coast.  We were teaching him the word of wisdom and he was rolling his eyes and just like didn’t want to hear it.  He likes to debate and ask so many hard questions!  And, he laughs through most of the lesson. He’s funny.  Any time you read something out of the scriptures he shuts up and goes, “Ok, you win”.  He’s frustrating.  Then we went to our coconut lady to say “hi” and she ran to get her friend who was this Indian lady who loves talking to us.  Then she had us come to her home and visit for a while.

IMG_2136  IMG_2177

Not a ton more went on this week!  Just another week in the work! 🙂

I have been learning a lot from my studies though and there is a couple talks that I absolutely love!  One is called The Lord Has a Plan for Us by Carlos A. Godoy and the other is by Elder Cook, although I can’t remember what it’s called right now.  It’s from the 2014 October Priesthood Session I believe.

IMG_2187  IMG_2123

I love ya’ll!!!! 🙂

Sister Koford


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