Coconut Contacting and Zone Conference

(Still no pictures due to a virus on her SD card)

Aug 2, 2015

Greetings from Singapore again! 🙂

We flew in yesterday.  We had to rush home from Church and pack so we could make our flight, but we did it and everything went smoothly.  We even got through immigration with no problems this time, wahoo! 🙂  Man, it is so weird to be back here.  I have only been gone for a little bit and so much has changed!!  I really want to see all my people here but I don’t know that I will get to!

This week went pretty well, I think.  We got to go to go Sister Margorit’s home for dinner again and she always cooks like a ten course meal and just makes you eat and eat.  Oh man, I ate until I gagged and couldn’t eat any more, haha.  She is a good cook.  She’s a sweet old Indian auntie! 🙂 I’m not sure if I told you, but we go to Klang every Tuesday so maybe I’ll have to stop by and see your friend’s sister…ya know what I’m sayin!  Unless she’s a Malay?

We met this sweet old Indian lady one day while jalan jalaning and we went back to visit her the other day.  She runs this little coconut umbrella on the side of the road.  We got a coconut and drank it and chatted with her for a bit.  She is wonderful.  I like to call it coconut contacting because when we stand there and chat she gets so much business.  People just stop to see what the big white girls are doing. Then they just feel obligated to buy a coconut, ha 🙂

I am not sure if I have told you to read this talk yet but Jac should definitely read it.  It’s called Live the Gospel Joyful by President Uchtdorf.  It’s one of my favorites and the last page is the best! 🙂

Sister Chamings made some Aussie foods the other day because we had no food in the house. It was a hotdog with onions slapped on a piece of bread.  It wasn’t too bad.  Then fairy bread (bread with butter and sprinkles..). ha.  It was interesting.  However, I never join in when she eats the Vegemite, haha.

We met with this lady the other day who wants her kids to learn of Jesus Christ.  It was good. She talked soo much though we were late getting home.  We had to take a taxi and the taxi driver takes the longest route.  I was like, “Come on man”!

Zone conference is today and tomorrow then we fly back on Wednesday!  Should be interesting. They say it’s going to be a little different so we will see how.

The Indian kids we have been working with came to church yesterday.  Only 3 of them came but they seemed to enjoy it! 🙂  They are soo shy and loved to braid my hair after church and teach me how to write in Tamil, haha.  I think they just like to see me struggle with the language.  They were killing themselves over it.  I don’t know, maybe I was just writing funny things, haha.

I love you guys! 🙂

-Sister Koford 🙂


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