Cage Rattling….and the lesson tonight is…!

Hi Everyone,

This week was pretty good we had better days than others, but you know. Thank you so much for your letters.  I really love hearing about what you think. Thank you for all your love and support that you show me.  I got a few letters from you guys.  Mom, I got one from you from the beginning of the month, yay! And Dad, your letter of your shoreline trail drawing, haha. I died! I love it. Also my sd card and thumb drive I’ve been using have virus on them so thats why i cant upload pics! or print them 😦 I will try and figure it out cuz i held a monkey last week!!!) but anyways.

This week the work was kind of slow.  We didn’t have many appointments so we went door knocking (or cage rattling as I like to call it) because you can’t get to the door. We did not have much success doing that.  Also you have to make sure of which door you rattle because if it’s Muslim they sometimes tend to get REAL upset.  But we had more success just walking the streets.  We were walking down in this area and Sister Chamings thought we should turn around. So I said after we talk to this lady up ahead. So we went up and she was chopping coconuts. She is an Indian lady who is not very educated.  She couldn’t speak hardly any English but enough to communicate.  We talked with her a while and she was so kind.  She was telling us about how she likes to pray so as we told her we were leaving she wanted us to pray with her.  Were like, “Okay”…so we’re just standing out in the blistering heat next to this tree where the lady was chopping coconuts with a machete, praying.  I said the prayer and she was so thankful. She wanted another one.  She told us three of the hardest names to pronounce and she wanted a prayer for them.  The next minute we were praying again.  This time, as we finished, she was just in tears.  She just sobbed with us for a minute and was so thankful.  She doesn’t have a phone or anything so we just have to go back to that spot and visit her.  Say you be here tomorrow at such and such and we will bring a Tamil Book of Mormon.  I need to start carrying more of those around with me!  She was the sweetest lady.
Then we met with Smit this week.  He is so cool.  He wanted a pic with us but he wanted to be holding the Book of Mormon, hah.  He is the best.  So receptive and willing to come closer to Christ.  I am so glad he stopped us on the street!
We visited a family in the branch this week and they are great.  They have a daughter serving in Hong Kong.  They are Chinese.  They fed us fresh mangos from their mango tree. 🙂 Then sent us home with lots of food and groceries!
We visited with a less active of ours we have been meeting regularly. She is also Chinese.  She was telling us about how she likes to crochet and so she decided to show us some things. Then she was saying how she made shirts and stuff except she has gotten too fat to fit in them.  But then she goes, “Not as fat as her, though”, pointing to me, haha.  She went and got them for Sister Chamings.  They were pretty cute.  She’s all, “Sorry, you’re too big”.  I’m just like, “Never mind, its totally fine”!!!  Then she whips out this little tank top she had crochet and goes, “Maybe you have this one.  It is too sexy for me!  Here, try it on”.  I’m just like, “There is no way that is fitting on my body, let alone the look”, haha.  She proceeds to make me try it on over my shirt and then goes, “Oh, so nice” (it’s like a belly shirt tank top thing) haha.  “You can have it except you should lose some weight…it will look nicer”. I just laughed and was like, “Alrighty,…and the lesson tonight is”… haha.  She is the cutest.  Her husband won’t let her come to church though.  We asked him but he just laughed and walked back to the TV.  Then as we were leaving I was putting my shoes on and she asked what size shoe I wore.  I said 10 and she gasped.  “Whoah, so big one”!  Then, walking out, she was telling Sister Chamings her feet were so cute and small because such a small body.  “How that one (pointing at me) so big one she is have to have big feet or she fall over”!  I was like, “Alrighty, that’s enough for tonight.  We will see you next week”! 🙂 haha.  I love how the Chinese people are so openly honest with you! It is so funny to me!

My studies this week were awesome! I have been reading about Abinidi and his preaching to King Noah. Ah, that is such a good story.  I thought of how Mosiah 12:19 is like us when we get pulled back into the immigration office and questioned, ha!  Then I was reminded that we must know and understand the things we are teaching, verses 20-27.  Then in Mosiah 18:26 it hit me as to why leaders in the Church are not paid.  They are paid in other ways!  And, as I have been reading the Doctrine and Covenants, I have thoroughly been enjoying it!  I love Section 25 specifically verses 5, 9, 10, and 13-15!!  They are soo good.  I hope I can take those things that were told to Emma and apply them to myself!  As I was reading about Alma teaching the people in private I was just thinking about how I really wish we could do that with the Malays; just teach them in private like Alma.  But then I just remember that one day they will have the opportunity to learn and I really hope I can be one of the ones to teach them! 🙂  That would be awesome!

Love you,

Sister Koford


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